Forza 2 Can't Boost Xbox 360 Sales In Japan

The debut of Forza Motorsport 2 was unable to trigger a sales spike for Microsoft Corp.'s Xbox 360 in Japan.

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Robotz Rule4573d ago

I agree.

Japs don't ever seem to change.

I wonder what kind of affect Halo 3 will have in Japan?????

ITR4573d ago

Please don't use that derogatory term in here.

Expy4573d ago

Nothing will change their view on the 360. Halo may be big here, but over there it can easily be brushed off by the gaming population.

gta_cb4572d ago

nice changed pic of bender lol

but getting back to the topic, yeh i am woundering how Halo 3 will do in Japan.... i mean there has been tons of news about the beta etc, and surely there has been copies of Crackdown sold in Japan so some of them must have played the beta.... ohwell i spose its just a matter of waiting and finding out when the news is posted.

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nice_cuppa4573d ago

and then say "no you aint getting it "

like cartmans themepark.

gta_cb4572d ago

reverse sycolagy lol, mite just work ;)

ITR4573d ago

Kinda premature hmmm?

It released on the 24..but some stores didn't get copies until the 25th.

I'd give it another week.

According to VGCharts last week the 360 was up 23%.
It basically gained 537 units.

The 360 is pretty close to selling 3k a week now.

gta_cb4572d ago

seems such a little ammount when you compared it to the DS/DS Lite doesnt it.

ohwell, i am going to be buying this, look forward to racing against who ever gets it.

Dr Pepper4573d ago (Edited 4573d ago )

Was it expected to?

Edit: who disagreed with me? I was asking a simple and fair question, not making any statement.

blackmagic4573d ago

Well it did get 9/9/9/9 and a rare platinum award from famitsu. I would have thought this would have bought a little mindshare in japan...

Dr Pepper4573d ago

Thanks for responding, it bothers me when someone disagrees and doesn't explain why (I'm not saying your the one who disagreed with me in the first place).

gta_cb4572d ago

i personally would wait until its been out over in Japan for a week at least. and i dont know if it was suppose to make an impact in Japan, but i am sure looking forward to it.

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The story is too old to be commented.