Zune Will Hook into 360, Not Play Games

More details on Microsoft's worst-kept-secret continue to filter out through the blogosphere. Both Engadget and Gizmodo have updates on the device from their sources, details further cementing the idea that Zune, at least in its initial release, will not have anything to do with games. That doesn't, however, mean there won't be Xbox 360 hooks.

Much like how an iPod can share music with an Xbox 360 via a USB cable, this will also be possible with Zune. The one catch with Apple's hardware, however, is incompatibility with iTunes-purchased files. As you can probably already guess, there won't be similar issues with music bought from the store Microsoft will be sponsoring alongside Zune.

combatant6175d ago

I actually think this is a rather good design for an ipod killer. It is very simple, which is what customers like. It has a very impressive screen, which could possibly mean XBLA. And the color scheme isn't that bad. Would have been nice to incorporate green into it, to stay with the Xbox theme. The only thing i am descusted with is the name. Zune? wtf, come on, To cheesy and way to retarted. Almost as bad as Wii.


if this is it, then zune is a terrible name, it looks dull and it does little that the ipod doesn't.


i hope these are just rumours.

omansteveo6175d ago

I bet its gonna have a mem card slot for transfering live arcade games to from a mem card and we'll prolly get this feature with the fall update that would be awesome...its gonna happene and when it does call omanseteveo a god! j/k

Marriot VP6175d ago

why have a memory card, just use a usb to download on to zune HDD

shotty6175d ago

It's not a gaming device. I think MS is going to release a series of devices. You know how Apple has the Nano and iPod Video. Same here. I think Microsoft will make a premium version like iPod Video and have gaming intergrated.

Nodoze6175d ago

It looks exactly like a....wait for it...PDA!? Let me stare into my crystal ball and...yup it will fail. Almost everyone who wants an ipod already has one. What possible reason would they have to upgrade to this?

Seems like an utter waste of time, money, and internal R+D staff members!

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