Every Star Wars Game Ever in One Place

"Fans who attended the recent Star Wars Celebration IV show got to feast their eyes on a display case containing a history of Star Wars video games. LucasArts public relations genius Chris Baker (ex. of Official PlayStation Magazine, not the guy who works for Wired) put the case together after "weeks of eBaying", and set up some retro Star Wars games so that the kids could play and wonder how their ancestors managed to entertain ourselves with such primitive tools."

To see the images, click on the link.

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gta_cb4748d ago

lol, i know what you mean.

gta_cb4748d ago

i wounder how much that would go for on ebay!

ben hates you4748d ago

the original tie fighter, the one that worked on dos, or put it on xbox live arcade

snoop_dizzle4747d ago (Edited 4747d ago )

a few weeks ago there was a thing regarding XBL arcade, asking what people wanted on there.

Hopefully they have another one of those things

JasonPC360PS3Wii4747d ago

I'm a FPS junky first when it comes to games, which is probably why Star Wars Republic Commando is my number two favorate FPS of all time. (#1 is Half Life, #3 is Halo/Halo2, #4 is Quake 1/2/3/4 #5 is UT/04/04 and Unreal Championship Xbox 1/2) Good god I must be a pathetic Star Wars Nerd I have like Rouge Squadron 2/3 and Rouge Leader on (GC), Star Wars Bounty Hunter, Jedi Starfighter, Masters of Teras Kasi and Star Wars Racer (PS2), Star Wars Battlefront 1/2, Star Wars epasode III Revenge of the Sith, Nights of the Old Republic 1/2, Star Wars Repubublic Commando, Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy (Xbox), Star Wars Empire at War, Jedi Knight, Dark Forces, Mysteries of the Sith Classics on the (PC). I don't feel to bad I have a friend that has just about everything I have plus everything Lord of the Rings and the Matrix.

DarkestHour004747d ago

Thats ALOT of money sitting behind the glass