Epic: Gears to PS3 is complete BS

Mark Rein of Epic has lashed out against rumors that Epic are considering porting Gears of War to the PS3. Rein says the story is complete BS and Epic is very happy with its relationship with MS.


"This story is complete bull****. I emailed the site and asked them to take it down. We're very happy with our relationship with Microsoft. If it weren't for them Gears wouldn't be the huge hit it has become."

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masterg4157d ago

No one expected this to be true. I love gears and would have loved to see it on a more stable machine ;) but I don't see the point so much later.

There are plenty of games that will go beyond gears on the PS3, and probably also the 360. But I love that game, so much blood in great graphics.. What's not to love.

uxo224157d ago

"I love gears and would have loved to see it on a more stable machine."

Gears runs just fine on my 360, and it's pretty stable, so I really don't understand where that comment comes from. Maybe it's another weak attempt to take a shot at the 360. Who knows, actually who cares?

warfed4157d ago

wow I can't believe you didn't understand such a simple comment... he's referring to the system it's on

AngryTypingGuy4157d ago

There were problems with the 2005 manufactured 360's, sure. They're absolutely fine now. I know several people with 360's, and no problems. With the PS3 getting hot enough to fry an egg, I'm not so sure that the Xbox 360 is the least stable of the two systems.

Well anyway, I'm glad that GOW is staying right where it is. Now, if only they can clear up that nasty rumor about Resident Evil 5 being a PS3 exclusive. I'm sure it won't be. After Lost Planet and Dead Rising, Capcom knows where the money is.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4157d ago (Edited 4157d ago )

As Stable as Splinter Cell DA, FEAR and Call of Duty 3 right.

I love it DJ and his crew over at Sony Defence Force got PWNED by the devs at Epic. I will bookmark this and save this for every forum news site I post at. LOL look at DJ below try and spin his way out of it LOL classic.

neogeo4157d ago

no rings of death on PS3

MySwordIsHeavenly4157d ago

AngryTypingGuy - let's do a head-to-head test. You buy a new 360 and I'll buy a PS3. We'll see which one dies first, mk??? I'm just saying...I wouldn't bet much on ur choice. Yes, the PS3 gets hot, but (unlike someone else) Sony is innovative and they found a way to keep the machine at a stable temperature without making it sound like a freakin' JET ENGINE!!!

...and Halo sux

bababrooks4157d ago

what do you mean by more stable machine? are you one ov the fanboys by chance?

BIGBAER4157d ago (Edited 4157d ago )

Your challenge to compare systems will not work as you skirted an important consideration. The 360 has a HUGE library of excellent games. The PS3 is decidedly lacking in games worth playing.

So attempting to compare the longevity of the two consoles when one gets only occasional play against the other which is played constantly is absurd!

My launch 360 averages 10 hours of gameplay each and every day between me. my wife and my sons. I'll hold off on purchasing a PS3 until there are enough exclusive games to warrant a purchase---IF that day ever comes.

Now... back to Forza 2!

masterg4157d ago

How can some of you not understand what I mean by stable.. Damn..
I mean a machine where I don't have to buy a new one every year.

The 360 I have now is the 3rd one. The two earlier ones both died with rings of death. Luckily one was new so I could exchange it.

But for now I've spent $800 on having a 360 for 1½ year = Un-freaking-Stable.

gta_cb4157d ago

... hows your one bubble doing? i am asking as while your making stupid comments like that i dont think your going to get another one back. and well then that bubble is going to be very lonely.

AngryTypingGuy4157d ago (Edited 4157d ago )

That's a deal MySwordIsHeavenly. Except I don't feel like dropping 400 on another 360 when mine is perfectly fine, so we'll just factor in the time difference of when we had them. I've had mine since Feb. 06.

But enough about that. When you match up the two systems head to head, the 360 wins in almost any category. Controller? 360. Graphics? So far most games coming out for both have looked slightly better on the 360. Although to be honest, I wouldn't buy one over the other on graphics alone, especially when most games aren't that noticeably different. Game library? *laughs* Processor? Hmmm, they say the Cell is more powerful, and it very well may be. However, you can have the most powerful processor ever, but if you can't tap into its full potential, then what good is it? Live experience? The 360's is $50 a year, but far superior at this time. Reliability? I'll give this one to the PS3 - if your 360 was made in 2005. If it's a newer one, then probably equal.

OK, I'm going to end this post now before I start sounding like an "Xbox 360 defense secretary" (inside joke). Because that would be kind've gay.

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Xeoset4157d ago

That's two rumours, this and BioShock debunked in 24 hours of the Rumour rising. In all seriousness, just get a 360 instead of making rumours and online petitions, you'll have alot more fun and save alot of us headaches.

I also like it how Konami hasn't made a statement about Shane of 1up's something or other claiming he knows that MGS4 is going elsewhere. PC? 360? I hope Konami come out with a statement.

Amplifier4157d ago (Edited 4157d ago )

"you'll have alot more fun and save alot of us headaches."

Um...hate to break it to you but I don't think fun consists of replacing multiple systems and those systems have caused me tons of headaches, hence why my gamer score is so low.


@Vavoom - Do you even know how the gamer score works? You must be ignorant to see that the gamer score is achievements that you unlock in and out of single player games not just what is done online.

Vavoom4157d ago

Let's be truthful here, your gamer score is sooooo low because you are a garbage gamer. Stop blaming your console and blame either yourself or the kid that's smashin' you on XBL.


Xeoset4157d ago (Edited 4157d ago )

God damn there's alot of Sony Fantards on this Site. I lost a Bubble thanks to stating facts.

Look at my Comment above! It's living proof! Every last bit of it was complete facts and you tards can't handle it. Seriously, GTFO the internet, you're all a waste of space.

Hopefully, when this Site comes out of BETA, you all get taken off with it. Christ, I hope they have AT LEAST 40 Moderators and IP Bannings to get rid of you all and your crap.

***************************** *************

PhinneousD4157d ago

these rumors are sprung up by ps3 owners. they just want to play these games. my suggestion, just buy a 360, it ain't expensive and you get to play the games you are craving.

Delive4157d ago

If that's your arguement, Why not speak about the Wii? It's not expensive is it?
Played gears. It bored me after 30 minutes. 360 is for Halo, That's all that will get played on mine. Once I put it in a soundproof, cooled box so I can hear the game and not melt while playing it for hours.

AcidRhain4157d ago (Edited 4157d ago )

Is this article even about the Wii? NO.
your post is spoken like a true PS3 fanpussie.

***And just because you suck at Gears and you can't even manage to stay alive for 30 minutes, doesn't make it a bad game.... it just means YOU SUCK AT LIFE. lol

deifen4156d ago (Edited 4156d ago )

acid rhain, you are an unbelievably ignorant person. Delive made a completely subjective statement about his preference for the game GoW(That he, in fact, does not like it) and you are dumb enough to try to prove him wrong. My God, the sheer stupidity of it all! Um...h...he doesn't like it cause he sucks...oh, and he sucks at life too!!

try to lay off the childish insults and grow up, aight?

Delive4139d ago

Acidrhain, the way I read it, Gears is your life? No GF, No Job, no life outside gears? Maybe I was arrogant with the noise and heating issues I have with my 360, but I paid for the thing and I can complain about it's flaws, you don't have to take it so personal buddy. If you Love Gears, Great. Be sure to wipe off the disk after you finish loving it.

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power of Green 4157d ago (Edited 4157d ago )

Gears can't even be done on the PS3. lol

The Xbox 360 was desingned to play GoW.

Its going to be intresting to see what "Gears Plus graphics" look like in UT considering Epic will be competing with other new graphical gaints using state of the art engines.

(((((warfed)))))Hmmm... I'v seen pics and vids of UT but never knew the source(what it was running on) you're reaching in your comment #1.2 also. lol Assasin's Creed was said to only able to be done on the PS3 lol. I'll be proven wrong soon enough.

((((((#4.2 you take that back!, Just kidding; come on bro when have i ever said anything that isn't logic and common sense or couldn't be proven. this has bee all over the internet for ages.

warfed4157d ago (Edited 4157d ago )

yeah Gears can't be done on ps3... yet UT that looks better and is on ps3... hmmmmm....

PoG hey im not saying ps3 games can't be done on xbox I'm saying any game right now on either system can be done on both... wait a few years till one system stands out (or maybe they'll always be equal), either way it's stupid to say GoW can't be done on the ps3.

Kleptic4157d ago

You are definitely one of the dumber kids on this site...

"The 360 was designed to run GoW"

You sir, are an idiot...

calderra4157d ago

No, he's spot-on.
The reason Xbox 360 has 512 of unified RAM instead of an incldued hard drive in every SKU is because Microsoft approached devs- including Epic- about what they'd rather have since it was looking likely that the price of the $299 "Core" unit would hinge on that. And Epic said Gears had to have the RAM, hard drive or no.

Quite literally, the 360 hardware and SKUs are the way they are in large part due to Gears.

BIGBAER4157d ago

Epic's GOW had a great deal of influence in the design of the 360.

Kleptic4157d ago

Please people...

I won't believe any of that without a source...Not even MS would base a system on a first generation game...They probably would be interested in at least getting the game to run well, being that they were publishing it already...but they would never pick one or the other just because of Gears...

You think Epic said "we need more Ram!!"...and MS said " about 512mb shared instead of a HDD in every console!!!"...and Epic said "yeah awesome"...come on...

So then what was the alternative? HDD in every 360 with just 256mb of total ram?...if that was the case Epic totally saved MS from a system that already would be in need of replacement...

gta_cb4157d ago

did you not even read the link power of green gave?
its true, which is why i dont think it would be able to run on the PS3 UNLESS there was some serious rearranging as the extra 256RAM helps alot. just read the link

oh and i guess this means his not the idiot but you are.

Xeoset4157d ago

See, you state facts and the Sony Fangirls go nuts. 4 Disagrees even though you proved your point with sources and facts? This place is outragous.

Awesome Screens aswell. Thank god for the 360's superior GPU!

Gamer luv4156d ago

@ Installshield

For someone talking like they no it all you certainly dont know much..

360 only has 512 RAM because Epic showed MS what they could do with 512 rather then 256. Once they saw the realised they should have it.

The PS3 only has its 256 X 2 because that way it wouldnt look inferior to the Xbox 360's which has 512, when Sony were only planning on implementing 256 of the newer type, i cant remember what its called.

Kleptic4156d ago (Edited 4156d ago )

Thanks Green...I retract my statement...You showed me the source, which is all I needed...

I still think it is very bizarre for MS to base its hardware off of Gears...that was an extremely short term move on MS's part...especially with the development rumors everywhere about the core system holding certian games up...Also its odd that they claim they pushed the 360 to the max, being that they also said UTIII will look like "gears on crack"...

@Xeoset...This is the first that I checked this thread since I posted least give me, the fangirl, time to admit I was wrong...

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Lex Luthor4157d ago

trust sony protection group, please stop posting articles from there please.

Lord Anubis4157d ago

lol, the rumour originated from CVG.

kspraydad4153d ago

Deeko's retraction:


Gears of War PS3 Article: Correction

Earlier this week, we posted a news article that stated a certain website, Sony Protection Group, had posted a rumor that Gears of War 2 was going to make it's way to the PS3. As it stands, we've been contacted by Sony Protection Group and they let us know that it wasn't in fact a story that they were breaking, but was in fact a rumor posted by a new forum member on their boards.

If you go to their site, be sure to look at this post:

The post in question.

If you've read our previous article, please do NOT go to their boards solely for the purpose fo trolling, as it is not the claim of Sony Protection Group nor are they responsible for the article.

In fact, the letter Mark Rein wrote, while still true, was sent to a different site entirely and thus our story is, in fact, in error. While it's still true that the PS3 will not be seeing Gears of War 2 anytime soon, if ever, Mark Rein did not contact Sony Protection Group nor did Sony Protection Group have any hand in keeping this rumor alive - it was simply a member of their forums and we apologize to Sony Protection Group for any problems this may have caused.