GamesRadar Left 4 Dead 2 Review

GamesRadar writes:

More maps, more enemies, more weapons, more glorious spectacle than the original, and that's just the co-op. Fresh versus modes and intense violence make this the apocalypse to beat.

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mikepmcc5063d ago

game looks sick, much more intense than the first...

XDF5063d ago

Between L4D2, MW2, ODST Firefight, and Borderlands...it will last me all the way up to the next great online game..Bad Company 2.

Going to the midnight Gamestop launch to pick this game up with the bonus in game Baseball bat.

mikepmcc5063d ago

pre-ordered and picking up tomorrow...really hate having to choose between this and ACII though, they're both gonna be great. Way to many great games this season.


an other good score L4D2.

day one for me, on 360.

XDF5063d ago (Edited 5063d ago )

I have no clue why you get disagree on??

I guess L4D2 and day one don't mix well with PS3 fanboys.

EDIT at below:

Advice to Xbox fans..make you post as short as possible and DO NOT mention xbox, Microsoft, Valve, day one, and you will reduce your disagrees from 10 to 2. Simple.

DelbertGrady5063d ago

You automatically get a disagree for mentioning '360' on N4G. Then he got a bonus disagree for mentioning a Valve related game.

dreamcast5063d ago (Edited 5063d ago )

"Advice to Xbox fans..make you post as short as possible and DO NOT mention xbox, Microsoft, Valve, day one, and you will reduce your disagrees from 10 to 2. Simple."

Or don't be well-known fanboys like all three of you... I've seen Soda say he likes getting PS3 fangirls riled up, which is entertaining... but don't cry that you get disagrees for being a troll.

Serial_EDX5063d ago

You know. I think people are comming into all of these threads looking for a low score. Not finding it and don't comment :P

mikepmcc5063d ago

just lots of phantom disagrees though

XDF5063d ago

Going to the midnight launch now. PM me if anyone is interested in CO-op. Peach out


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cthulhucultist341d ago

Murderhouse was decent and had fun elements as well. Liked the aesthetic of the visuals


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Orchard386d ago

Lol, this looks so bad yet so funny.

Valve releasing a game should've been a red flag for anyone.

iNcRiMiNaTi386d ago

Why is it a red flag? HL Alyx is amazing and this mobile version isn't by valve

Orchard386d ago (Edited 386d ago )

I meant the second you hear Valve is making games, especially L4D or anything from their “legacy” catalog, you should be skeptical.


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545d ago
philm87545d ago

Oh wow, didn't realise the Evil Within had an FPS mode! That's blown my mind. Loved the game in 3rd person so tempted to try it.