Capcom Celebrates Sales with Downloadables

Capcom has benefited greatly from its pair of Xbox 360 exclusives, Dead Rising and Lost Planet: Extreme Condition, each of which has shifted more than one million units. To celebrate its success and to thank gamers for forking over their hard-earned dollars, the company is...selling additional themes and picture packs?

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PS360PCROCKS4745d ago

I dont like how their making it sound like their ripping us off or something. No one has to pay for any of this, and they should be thankful their still supporting it. They don't have too...but they are and that's a thank you to all of us. Yes it sucks to pay but it takes money to make those things.

Rhezin4745d ago

ya seriously, if you want to charge for content make it actual GOOD content. Make the CO_OP accessible or some new areas or weapons, not this BULLshyte