New PSN-trailer shows Aqua Vita, Sky Blue and more

Sony Computer Entertainment just released a new trailer which is available trough the European PlayStation Store. The new trailer shows some footage from new PSN games, like Nucleus and Super Stardust HD, as well as the screensaver-like things Aqua Vita and Sky Blue and many more (i.e Home, Little Big Planet, Calling all Cars).

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sonarus4578d ago

Screensavers? Since when did ps3 get screen savers

hella whip4578d ago

Apparently they're going to be using the Playstation Eye so when you move your hand towards a fish it will respond to it and move away. I think ther is also a log fire screen saver although this isn't shown in the video.

flipflop4578d ago

I just logged on to one of my other accounts to find that Virtual gamer tried to ban my umbagumba account for exposing him for the idiot he is, and this further proves his retardedness. How FN pathetic do you have to be to try to ban somone because your proven to be retarded? virtual gamer is a b!tch. You will now get it a lot worse.

ErcsYou4578d ago

Aqua Vita and Sky Blue, Nucleus. all new to me, some one post some pics