Bone-Idle : 12 Mini PSP Minis Reviews

Bone-idle writes : "PSP Minis are a new idea they are tiny little games that are big on fun but most importantly highly addictive. They are small and cheap and offer a real pick up and play game but they can also keep you glued to them for hours as they have something a lot of games now adays lack, game play. Remember snake on the old Nokia and how many hours you spend on such a simple little concept there was nothing flashy about it, it was a simple game but yet you couldn't put it down. This is what Minis are all about.

Here are 12 Mini reviews for the latest PSP minis. Not in any particular order but as luck would have it the first 3 are the best 3."

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BoneIdle3350d ago

This is the most addictive game ive played in years. Was on a 3 hour trip during the week time just flew by once i got stuck into Fortix. It drove me mad but i couldnt put it down.