Hour of Victory (XBox 360) Demo Hands-On

The guys at ZTGD give a quick synopsis of the recently released demo of Midway's Hour of Victory for the XBox 360. Find out if this new WWII FPS has what it takes to stand out among the herd.

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slugg4744d ago

This is available on the Xbox Live Marketplace? I can't find it...

gta_cb4743d ago

i have heard people saying that it is not on Marketplace, but it has been on my marketplace since release day (demo release day incase people think the game is out) and it is still there now, i have downloaded it but havnt tried it yet.

GameOn4744d ago

nothing in the demo impressed me. probably one one the worst WWII shooters i have played.
you can pretty mutch play through it without firing your gun, you just run in and melee them.

FCOLitsjustagame4744d ago

It was but they took it down. The reasons they did so have been speculated on. I and others had trouble downloading it so I suspect that was the reason it was removed. Others think it was removed due to poor reception by gamers. Also, you probably have to have a gold account to get it right now, so if you dont see it that could be why. I havent checked today to see if it is back up or not.

So this guys review was extremely positive compared to most peoples reviews. Although I didnt hate the game as many others did I think this review was a little too much of a spin job.

He mentioned ridiculous AI. He was talking about hoping there was a ridiculous AI setting for 3 people co-op and meant it in a good way. I felt the game was already on ridiculous AI but in a bad way. The one thing that really stood out to me the 3 times I played the demo is that there is absolutly zero tension. There was never fear I would die. The AI were absudly stupid and almost seemed pre-programed. They would run to a spot whether you were standing their or not and would not change cover when you flanked them. Besides the stupid AI was the superhumanness of your character. Sure you could play all 3 characters differently, but why. You can have the enemy unload all his amo in you and barely even flinch.

If this demo was just set on "very easy" mode which dumbs down the AI and ups your strength then MAYBE this game could reach the lower levels of a good rating but mostly it is just average to below average. At this point it is a bargin bin filler game at best.

Rhezin4744d ago

Ya the A.I. definately needs some work but the graphics were kicka$$ I overall liked the demo and am going to buy it regardless

gta_cb4743d ago

nice to know, when does this game get released? as i am pretty sure they will sort out the AI... hopefully

tony4744d ago

this game demo is horrible, horrendous, bad. crap, the worst i ever played yet. don't even waist your time downloading this.trash!

eques judicii4744d ago

agreed... the gameplay is crap and the character models are creepy

gta_cb4743d ago

do either of you even have an Xbox 360?.... if so why dont you have your gamertags in your profile?

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The story is too old to be commented.