Prey XBox 360 Review

We review XBox 360's biggest game of the summer. Was it worth the wait or simply another overhyped title for the budget bin? Find out in our full review!

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zypher6443d ago

it DEFINATELY isn't deserving of a 8.5 out of 10. more like a 7.8. i traded my copy in yesterday. it was quite underwhelming.

The Real Deal6443d ago

You have to play it on a hd television to really appreciate unbelievable detail in the envirements...WOW...on a standard tv...its still good but its just another shooter with some neat twists with the gravity walking. Who buys the game without trying the demo for free? lol...why buy it and return it if you can play the demo. The demo gives you a good idea of what the game is about. lol....All reviews have been giving it a Great score but I agree with IGN saying its a classic and editors choice game. Zypher, did you play the demo? lol....If you liked the demo you should have loved the game. If you didn't like the demo...then you most likely wouldn't enjoy the game...lol...and if you don't have online to get the demo, then You don't get the full benefit of the game. Online frag fest is where its at.

zypher6443d ago

well, thats a shallow view. games are about gameplay, not graphics. if i can't get the same experience out of a game on a standard tv as i would out of a hd-tv, then something is terribly wrong. for all this talk about PS3 vs. 360, what interests me most about the PS3 is its games (as in gameplay); the graphics are just a bonus. yeah, MGS4, Lair, Heavenly Sword etc. all have great graphics, but more importantly they all look FUN. now if a game is released on both systems then obviously i'll go for the one with the better graphics, insofar that it retains the same quality gameplay. if i can't enjoy a game on a standard tv as much as on a hd tv, then it ain'g worth buying. as far as online fragging goes...no offense, but give it a rest. whats this, like the millionth XBox/360 game that caters ONLY to online fragging? GRAW is a GREAT game to play online: but at least it has a solid single-player mode.

at any rate: yes i did play the Prey demo. however, unlike most people, i don't let the demo of a game (which usually isn't as good as the final product) sway me against buying said game. my reasoning for actually purchasing Prey after playing its also lackluster demo was in the hopes that the final game would be improved. it was not. not really a true loss to me. i know have $35 worth of store credit i can use towards something more worthwhile...like say, Rogue Galaxy, or maybe even Chromehounds.

omansteveo6443d ago

1 -
zypher - 11 Jul 2006 12:35
ign.com gave it a 9.0. gamespot.com gave it a 7.5. played the demo for myself a week ago, and i'm leaning more towards gamespot.com's review. maybe not a as low as 7.5, but DEFINATELY not a 9.0. the demo had some cool effects, like the ability to walk on walls through what i'm assuming is some sort of gravitational shifting technology, and the ability to jump to completely different sections of the map through portals. the gameplay however was bland and lackluster. definately not one of the better shooters available. guess i'm gonna have to wait for GOW for my next fill of trigger greatness.

zypher6443d ago (Edited 6443d ago )

oh, so now we have "truth police" roaming the site? where in that statement did you read me saying that i wasn't getting the game? i would photo-copy my receipt and post it, but i'm not willing to go through such extremes, as i'm not in the business of proving myself to ANYONE. if you have formulated your own opinion about the game, whether or not i've actually purchased it (which i DID; $64.82 after tax: bought it at aprox. 6 p.m central and traded it in at the same Gamestop minutes before they closed) is irrelevant.

TOM6443d ago

way way too short,no more than 5 hours and while it looks good the hype about online play is only true if you like the "quake" style of play. Me pearsonaly,I perfer battlefield of ghost recon play vs. this type.And more than 10 dollard an hour for single player(what the developers said was the main focus)is just nuts.

PS3sux360inchWiiWii6443d ago

Im over 7+ hours in and not done yet. Im happy with how it's going. The expierence is unique, nice to play something out of the norm in the FPS arena! I feel my $70 was well spent on this game.

Outside of Nintendo you will need a HD-TV to truely enjoy the quality you deserve out of your Next-Gen system. I went from playing my 360 on a 14 inch flat screen Magnavox... to a 30 inch Samsung Widescreen HD-TV CRT! and the difference is astonishing. Prey looks f**king amazing on my tv. I hated Perfect Dark on my regular tv but I pulled it back out the other night and Im addicted to it, the visuals on my tv (regardless of how you all feel about the game) got me back into it and has me trying to be the game now.

Also I can't wait to get my broadband internet as I will definatley be taking Prey online! Prey was very much a welcome addition to my FPS collection as it easily should be in everyones!!!!

PS3sux360inchWiiWii6443d ago

Im not saying Wii is not Next-Gen just because it don't utilize HD-TV!!!

Im so getting one!!!!!

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TheProfessional119d ago

Prey shouldn't have been connected to the original, they should've changed the name. It looked good and had decent exploration but it was way too long and the ending was trash. Definitely gets more praise in the comments than it should.

FinalFantasyFanatic119d ago

I actually hated Prey after playing the demo, for me, it felt so bad to play, I agree that it gets more praise than it deserves. Most of this list is fine though, there are some really good games on there.

Nacho_Z119d ago

I couldn't get on with Prey either, sounded great on paper but I didn't enjoy it at all. I don't think I like Arkane, tried to get into Dishonored years before and it left me cold.

Concertoine118d ago

Did you play it on ps4/xbone? If so, yeah, it played terribly on those machines. 90 second load times, horrible input lag.

I couldnt enjoy the game until it got updated for Series X

Barlos118d ago

I really want to like Prey. I've gone back to it a few times on my Steam Deck but I don't know, I just can't get into it. Mind you, I'm not the biggest fan of immersive sims

FinalFantasyFanatic118d ago


Actually it was PS4, I don't recall anyone mentioning that it was console specific at the time though.