Nintendo getting WLAN routers for the Wii?

If you're still looking for a way to put your Wii's wireless capabilities to use, you may be happy to know that there's a Wii-branded WLAN router coming your way, provided that certain sources in Taiwan are correct in their assessment.

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gta_cb4571d ago

i am a little bit confused, cant you use a normal wireless lan? you can on laptops, Xbox 360 (with adaptor), PS3 so why cant you with the Nintendo Wii?

if you can use a normal wireless lan then whats the point in buying this?

Kleptic4571d ago


Only one of my friends bought one of those damn things...and it hooks up to his wireless network perfectly will work with any 802.11 B/G wi-fi router...where's the market for a router that only works with the wii?

flipflop4571d ago

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dantesparda4570d ago

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ChickeyCantor4570d ago

Some Wlan routers just don't work with the Wii, there are people who have no clue what a router is or why they cant have a connection, to make it more easy for them Nintendo is making one that is working 100% with the Wii, So people are sure they will have a internet connection to their Wii.

its like the 360 usb cable extender, its a normal extender you can get everywhere, but when you are looking for one, why not put a box around it and say its for the 360 and put it next to al the other 360 hardware/stuff? It makes it easier for the consumer.