Heavenly Sword Preview

If there was one game that escaped the farce that was the Sony E3 press conference of 2006, it was Heavenly Sword. It was one of the few games that really begun to display the power of the PS3 and started to suggest that this "next generation" business had something going for it. Pretty much everyone was wowed by that presentation and were talking about it for the right reasons. The game is nearing completion and PAL GN(Pal Gaming Network) had the opportunity to take what is hopefully the latest build for a spin.

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flipflop4578d ago

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techie4578d ago

flipflop you deserve to be banned straight away. Spamming and being so rude to the class act that is VG. Get out of this site

tehcellownu4578d ago

Im just waitin for this game to come of the great games for ps3 owners..

sonarus4578d ago

Can't wait to get my hands on this game. Sony cambridge needs to hurry up and hit us with that demo pronto

ErcsYou4578d ago (Edited 4578d ago )

ive been wanting this game for over a year now. we are getting so close. im expecting a august-september release. 90% finished, now just a little polish / balancing and we will be playing a demo real soon. i think this will be the best game yet. lair and NGS will be great but heavenly sword will bring a feeling of total satisfaction. ninja theroy will become the number one game developer over the next 5 years. watch your back

:ps3ers need more bubbles

Vojkan4578d ago

The question remains. "IS THIS AREA BATTLE GAME?" I think a lot of people and gaming sites are wondering about this. It might be that you just move from one arena to another.

techie4578d ago

can you fight an army of 3000 in an arena? At the same time....3000 enemies! CAN YOU? NO.

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The story is too old to be commented.