PS3 Platinum Trophies Cost Too Much

PlayStation 3 gamers have been blessed with a bunch of hit titles this year leaving many of the more dedicated gamers with huge backlogs and even more important…unfulfilled Platinum trophies.

Perhaps this might not be a big thing to the average gamer but for those of us that have been crazed with competition against our peers to acquire these sirens of completion, it is serious business. The difference between 100% and 96% can lead to weeks of self-torture, serious bouts of ER (Electronic Rage) leaving your controllers or consoles damaged out of frustration, and even make your so-called friends tease you relentlessly about your failure as a gamer.

Okay…maybe these are embellishments. That does not change the fact that more and more trophies are becoming unattainable or more so undesirable. Most of the trophies in question require online play of some sort. It seems developers are becoming more obsessed with adding re-playability at the expense of customer satisfaction....

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TOO PAWNED3679d ago

zzzzzzzzz over the top pointless article

kapedkrusader3679d ago

...even on some of my favorite games like Uncharted 2. They don't let you play "Crushing" until you've beaten the game in Normal or Easy. Which means I have to play through the game twice. Even though I loved the game, I don't like replaying games once I've beaten them unless it's an on-line multi-player mode. And even if "Crushing" was available from the start, I'd probably skip it cause it would mean I'd die hundreds of times before continuing the story. I'm not in elementary school anymore and don't have all the time or summers like I used to, but I would still like to see a Platinum Trophy in my collection.

Redempteur3679d ago

lol playing uncharted twice is too much ?

playing infamous twice is too much ?

i don't know witch world you're from but this is standard ... platinium is platinium should be a challenge at least ... otherwise there is no point to the trophy itself...

In some games having a plat means a lot ... a platinium on wipeout HD not the same platinium on terminator

platinium are fine the way they are it's not a requirement to enjoy the damn game ...

WildArmed3679d ago

lol exactly.
Trophies arent there to be 'handed' out.
They are used to INCREASE the replay value of the game AND make the player do stuff that he/she otherwise wouldnt.
I dnt know why everyone wants a free plat. =/ Then the point of the plat would be useless =/

Uncharted was one of the easiest plats I've gotten.
With Demon's Souls and Killzone 2 ranking in the hardest of plats. (Wipeout HD... sheesh screw that plat)

kapedkrusader3678d ago

...I see your points and I guess I agree. I'm just a little Platinum Trophy envious, LOL.

WildArmed3678d ago

I'm glad you do ^^
I'm very envious of people who have platinum like Wipeout HD.
But I also admire their skills, because getting that Platinum is NO easy task.

It's a way to figure out what a person is really good at, be it a racing game or a fighting game. No-one can get the platinum in all of the genres soo easily.

chrisnick3678d ago

and none of them were easy...its why they're so coveted...because not everybody can get them lets you know the real hardcore gamers/losers from the casuals...i have 11...this dude on my friends list has over 40...who's better than who?

WildArmed3678d ago

lol it ultimately comes down to who can afford to play more and who can afford more games for the matter.

But What matters is that if you go down a players trophy list and see he has EVERYTHING 90% or 100% done.. you know he is a good player or a obsessive one lol.
Compared to a person with 40 plats that has 20 unfinished games, and 40 easy games with plats (like Wallie... UP.. Do i need to go on? lol)

Either way. It never bothers me that OMG 50 plats!? It doesnt decrease the re-playability I get from a game. TY achievements/trophies.

PirateThom3678d ago

My first platinum was Sega Mega Drive Ultimate Collection. As a gamer who grew up in the 90s, there was no way I wasn't platinuming that game!

I have one for Buzz, but that was grinding more than skill so I don't really care about it.

inFamous was my first "next gen" platinumed game. There's also a load of games like Uncharted and Uncharted 2, Prince of Persia, Burnout Paradise, Dead Space that I am so close to but will never get (difficulty levels and just no desire being big problems).

Darkfocus3678d ago

If your only playing a game for the trophies your not a gamer . the only games I've got a lot of trophies in are games that i like and I don't go out of my way to get stupid trophy's that aren't even fun.

Ratchet_Co3678d ago

I just don't like online trophies. Single Player trophies are fine by me :).

gamingisnotacrime3678d ago (Edited 3678d ago )

"it lets you know the real hardcore gamers/losers from the casuals"

Do you have a life to go with your 11 Platinums? lol j/k. The Plat does not determine who is hardcore, the trophies/achivement is something new to this gen, you can play a game like a hardcore gamer and not get the Platinum, because you had do do something specific that has little to nothing to do with playing the game for fun

@ Piratethom

Lack of desire is the biggest issue, why play RE5 for so many hours when there are so many sweet new games that are waiting to be played. Platinum is for my top games, Uncharted series, GoW series, inFamous, and when Konami decides MGS 4 (yeah right)

Saaking3678d ago

I don't really care much for gamerscore and trophies. They're alright, but I just want to play the game.

Seven_ate_Nine3678d ago

I love Platinum trophies!

I'd have to say that getting the Plat on LittleBigPlanet was the most rewarding because of how accomplished it made me feel to earn all those hearts for me and my levels that I worked so hard to perfect.

It took me a good ten months to obtain it

gamingisnotacrime3678d ago

that is sweet, your hard work on LBP got you the nice Plat, which i know i will never get on LBP
Care to post the name of your levels to check them out?

PS: LBP is so great, that game has endless possibilities

KiRBY30003678d ago

whats the name of your level? i'll check it too :)

Redempteur3678d ago

i got the lbp Goty edition so i'm actually working on it but my imagination is stuck because i'm waiting for the water to come ...

water is really the thing i want to use the most in LBP creative style will florish then ...

Seven_ate_Nine3678d ago (Edited 3678d ago )

Sure I would be more than happy too :D

I'm warning you ahead of time though. ALL of the levels I've made (future one's as well) are all music levels.

Let's see if I can remember them in order by date created
1. Silent hill 2 Music Promise ~Reprise~
2. Pokemon Red/Blue: Revisted
3. Pokemon Music: Pallet Town Theme
4. Final Fantasy VII Music: Vincent's Theme
5. Pokemon Music: Bicycle Theme
6. Pink Floyd Music: Goodbye Blue Sky

I can't guarantee those are exactly right. So if you can't find one search for @SevenIsaCannibal and it should find all of them

The Pallet Town one used to be a LOT more popular but it was deleted for copyright infringement. Funny story actually.

EDIT: Oh yeah I almost forgot... NO H4H!! ( ._.)9

jahcure3678d ago

I work as a fulltime Engineer, engaged and planning a wedding and i have 14 platinums in games like uncharted, infamous etc...

Darkstorn3678d ago

It can be quite difficult to get platinum trophies, but it's a way that developers can add some replay value and/or some extra length to their game. Plus, only the most hardcore players will actually unlock the platinum trophy, and that gives plat trophies a lot more value than any 'achievement point system' can ever do.

Elimin83678d ago (Edited 3678d ago )

I still think they should take online trophies out of the equation... Every time you online trying to play a match 'Fat Princess' or any other MP you got guys going every which way and the game is not played right. One;s going for six kills, one healing trophy.. man all chock a block.....

TenSteps3678d ago (Edited 3678d ago )

But if they are going to add online trophies they should make sure people will play online on the game. I had a damn hard time getting the online trophy in Overlord II. I was lucky in fighting someone with no skill and get the trophy where I had to beat someone in one game 20 times. The rest I could barely finish because most would just quit especially after hours of waiting for a match.

Plus in Overlord II there was one irritating trophy where you had to kill 100 gnomes and that is one of my most hated trophies

The_Devil_Hunter3678d ago

SOme french dude has like 65 platinums. Really talk about no LIFE.

Lifendz3678d ago

I love trophies/achievements. Thank you MS for bringing that to console games. It adds so much replayability to a game and is a great way to call BS on some people who allege to have done whatever. And like someone above said, getting certain plats/trophies is worth soooooo much more than getting others. A trophy that just takes time to get (like seriously or resistance 2's killing machine) isn't as rewarding as say one that just requires a lot of skill (like beating Killzone 2 on Elite).

In fact, I'm so obsessed with my trophy list that I don't even want to put a game in my PS3 that's known to be an easy plat. I only want games I had a real desire to play to show up. Trophy ****es are sorta missing the point. The game is paramount, the trophies are ancilliary.

BTW, I'm at five plats and those five are in games that I absolutely loved. Once I get some freetime I'll definitely be plat'ing Uncharted 2, Assassins Creed 2, and Modern Warfare 2.

el_bandito3678d ago (Edited 3678d ago )

I like the trophy system very much too. It presents you challenges aside from the game completion itself. I try to go for platinum trophies if I can.

What surprises me is the truth that some gamers out there base the completion and replayability of a game after getting the platinum trophy. For instance, after getting 2 of the required online trophies for Uncharted 2, they'd never play the multiplayer mode again even if somehow they found out it was quite fun. Some skip out on great games because they find it hard to platinum. Worse, they'd rather play awful games with very easy platinums.

Trophies are okay, just don't let them ruin the fun you get out of playing video games.

vhero3678d ago

I think there shouldn't be any online trophies unless they can be earned in single player too. I am aware people like to play online but not everybody does but there is nothing worse than getting a game and finding out 75% of the trophies/achievements are online only. Really windows you up. Games like Halo and Gears were the worst for that.

FACTUAL evidence3678d ago (Edited 3678d ago )

Wipeout HD is kinda hard, but if you have the time and dedication, you would be able to get the plat. I have to say the most hardest plat has to be farcry 2.....i guarantee. Play Wipeout, and fc2. Lets see what plat you'll get first, or even be interested in getting. Matter of fact put it like this, if you've attained all of the MP trophies online, that's the equivalent of wipeout HD's plat. Think i'm kidding? Go play FC2! XD ((don't forget ninja gaiden sigma 2! no one in the world has the plat yet!!!))

AzaziL3677d ago

nuff said, noobs always QQ expecting it to produce a win to compensate for skill

Tomdc3677d ago

I don't mind about the difficulty, thats up to the game maker about how much of a challenge they wanna make. What I don't like is when you have to achieve something online to get trophys which is okay when its achieve a rank or play 10 games but not when its along the lines of get a 25 kill death streak. That kinda thing is what made warhawk so hard and many people just engineered games to get themselves trophies by playing with friends.

BUT WHAT I REALLLLY, REAAALLLLLLY HATE is that i can complete a game but won't get 100% because i haven't completed downloadable content I don't even own... THATS OUT OF ORDER!

Trebius3677d ago

Then EVERYONE would have them...

People like Kapedcrusader that cant beat a game twice are ridiculous...

I have over 20 games and no plat trophies, cause they're very hard to get...but thats not to say i'm upset about it...I just dont want to bother, cause I dont want to dedicate the time.

Platinum trophies are there for that reason alone, bragging rights.

If you dont have the ability to get them...dont complain.

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Myst3679d ago

You'd think consumers would be satisfied with replayability...

jessupj3678d ago

I think the hardest plat in the entire library is Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2. You need to beat all the team missions to get it. Trouble is, you need a skilled player to team up with, but if you have bag lag (because of where I live, not my connection) then there's no hope. You can't depend on the offline AI partner when you have to battle all 4 greater fiends at once. Wipeout HD would be next, followed by Killzone 2 because of the 'reaching the top 1% at the end of the week on the multiplayer ranking board'.

However, Demon's Souls was my most satisfying plat.

As for the article, the whole point of plats are that there are suppose to be hard to attain. But I do agree that online trophies shouldn't count towards the plat. Take brutal legend for example. I have gotten every single trophy except the online trophies because the online code is crap and 90% of the time when the matchmaking finds me a player it disconnects me at the start of the match.

WildArmed3678d ago

not really.
Games like Wipeout HD take the cake for the hardest plat ever.
Ofc, if you wanna talk about online gaming too... then you need to invest TOO much time into a game to get a plat.. so i dont count games with online portions as hard plats (ala SOCOM or Warhawk)
NGS2 was a piece of cake compared to that.

The gaming GOD3679d ago

Look, last I remember, Trophies aren't MANDATORY for game enjoyment.

The trophies themselves are just bragging rights. Platinums are MEANT to be difficult.

Like Redempteur above had said, Platinum trophies in some games have less value than others. So if you want to cry for an easy platinum, go get terminator salvation or that stupid "UP" game.

jack_burt0n3679d ago

The only shady trophy tactic is 50,000+ hrs of online.

NotSoSilentBob3678d ago

either that or the 10,000+ kills required for a trophy.

WildArmed3678d ago

Agreed. R2 Killer Machine trophy was sooooo gheeyy.

I get it that it's to encourage people to play online.. but bloody hell lol.

It's like Serious 2.0 =/ (GeOW2 achivement)

I have yet to complete any of those two.

jessupj3678d ago

I got the 10k kills trophy. It was actually pretty fun to attain and I'm extremely proud of it.

WildArmed3678d ago

I bet you are. I am envious of people who have it.
But I only go for trophies that are fun.
While i was having fun in R2 I got up to 6k kills. and then when the fun died. I stopped playign. I didnt care for the trophy enough to torture myself.

jerethdagryphon3677d ago

its the rank up to 40-50 100 trophys i find annoying cause is just grinding xp for weeks

tdm on hawxs a good run for kills will get you maybe 1500 but when you need to complete about 1000 matches like that to rank it quickly loses fun

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Unicron3678d ago

Wah, wah, you mean I have to EARN a mark of achievement? Oh boo hoo.

There were days where, gasp, you had to EARN the right to see the last boss by having actual skill. And now people complain because OPTIONAL challenges are... challenging? What the hell. Considering how many people whine about titles having no replayability, Trophies/Achievements are a blessing in that regard.

The only Trophies I despise are online ones (KZ2's come to mind), those aren't based on my skill but rather other's.

Pillage053678d ago

OMG...the first week KZ2 came out...i did literally nothing but play KZ2 to get in the top was brutal. I think I slept maybe two nights that week cause i knew if i didnt get that trophy week one...i probably wouldn't ever. but now i'm sittin with 100% on KZ2 (including DLC)...probably my most prized collection.

The_Devil_Hunter3678d ago

@ Pillage

Cool do you think I have a chance at that 1% if i try this week. Or would it be even harder now.

jessupj3678d ago

I got it a few weeks after, but I rekon it would be a looooot harder now because online the hardcore players will still be playing.

WildArmed3678d ago

Got it in June? i think.. and got the plat. Wasnt too hard.. but now its probably the harder trophies..
(I honestly thought getting the Elite run done was harder)

Too many uber clans running K2's MP now. They'll most likely take the top 1%. Not to mention the massive spawn camping that has become dominant in K2.
The game just isnt fun anymore.. unless your running with ur uber clan/friends.

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