GamePro: God of War Collection Review

GamePro writes: "You might think that the value of the God of War Collectionlies in the fact that it packages two classic best-selling games onto one disc, but you'd be wrong. You might also point to the updated visuals, the consistent 60fps presentation and the inclusion of trophies and believe that those are the highlights, but again, you are incorrect. No, the true value of the God of War Collection is that it allows those of us who've already completed the first two titles to sit back and reflect on the Ghost of Sparta's journey to the peak of Mount Olympus, and further anticipate what lies ahead for Kratos in the upcoming God of War 3."

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Bumpmapping3673d ago

Remastered PS2 games out scoring 360 biggest titles this year LOL!

Mr Tretton3673d ago

looking forward to it. I only ever played both games once. I love'em, but there was other stuff I had to play so I didn't go back. I'm glad I didn't outplay them. It'll make me enjoy the remasters more I reckon