iPhone Review: Puzzle Paint 3D | The Portable Gamer

TPG writes: "Puzzle Paint 3D is a great looking game with a lot of pros and only a few cons. Having said that, this game wasn't necessarily for me. While I like puzzles, I tend to get bored looking at the same thing over and over, even when the challenges tend to differ. Puzzle Paint 3D is like that. The game play is new and different from anything I've ever seen, however, within itself it is relatively unchanging."

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bgrundman3681d ago

a cool idea for a puzzle game? sign me up!

bgrundman3681d ago

I am glad to see that somebody finally listened to my please for original content. THANK YOU!

roblef3681d ago

See? Bring something new to the table!

wondroushippo3681d ago

Glad to see someone making a puzzle game that isn't another bloody match-3 game!

obamabush3680d ago

Anyone that likes labyrinth gameplay should give this a shot :)

It's in 3D, very challenging and makes you think real hard for your move...

More than 100 levels available to gun for.. not forgetting it's just 99cents ;)