iPhone Review: Garters & Ghouls | The Portable Gamer

TPG writes: "Garters and Ghouls' problem is that it makes little to no attempt to reinvent anything. It seems comfortable to be as much like iDracula as it possibly can, with little to no deviation from the formula at all. And on a system where games have to evolve or die, shamelessly borrowing from a year-old game is nigh-inexcusable."

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roblef3679d ago

iDon't think iLike this game enough to iBuy it.

bgrundman3679d ago

oh wonderful, another ripoff game on the iPhone. Imagine that...

wondroushippo3679d ago

Seriously. Where is the originality?

roblef3679d ago

Too bad it's just a competent rip off.

bgrundman3679d ago

Developers, please for the love of god try something new.

roblef3679d ago

Or at least try to bring something new to the table.

starven3679d ago

Trying something new is something reserved for the likes of Dirty Ho Down by NeverGonna Happen Studios