NME-360 Chip Released to the Public

Team Underdog has been really busy lately updating their site with FAQs and installation diagrams. It figures, the team is now ready to unleash their much-talked about NME-360 chip to the public.

The first batch of this "first real modchip for the Xbox 360", which will let users patch the Microsoft console's DVD firmware on the fly (meaning no flashing required) only when needed (that means it turns off when you're on XBL), has just been shipped to resellers.

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JPomper5797d ago

I can't wait to void my warranty!

Sphinx5797d ago

what does this thing do?

ironwolf5797d ago

It lets you run a "back up" copy of a game disc.

Marriot VP5797d ago

i hate modders, especially online modders. Sad little dorks that ruin the game for everybody.

JPomper5797d ago

Well, Paul.. I can understand hating modders that ruin online games, but it seems that this chip "turns off"(whatever that means) when you connect to XBL. A nice feature that hopefully let's you play unmodded 360 games online.

All I know is I'm not f#cking with the inside of my 360.

BIadestarX5797d ago

I hope Microsoft waits a few months till these people sell lots of chips. Then install something that detects the presence of a mod chip when online or offline; then brick any 360 that has being mod. It would be very funny; to hear people go crazy about this. Plus since all these people voided their warranty they have no option than to buy another 360 (which is good for Microsoft).

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The story is too old to be commented.