XboxLifeStyle - Forza Motorsport 3 Review

XboxLifestyle writes:

"The premier racing game on the Xbox 360 has arrived! Car enthusiasts and gamers of all skill level will both enjoy what Turn 10 has brought to the table. Start your engines and let the race begin!"

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Sev3676d ago

Excellent review. I wish GT5 came out this year so we could really put these two head to head.

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3676d ago

"Excellent review. I wish GT5 came out this year so we could really put these two head to head."

Why would we compare an arcade racer like Flopza 2.5 to a simulator like GT5?

We might as well put Flopza 2.5 head to head with Mario Kart Wii

Bnet3433676d ago

Even though I prefer Forza, GT5 would probably beat it out. GT5 takes advantage of the PS3 hardware with bluray and all that other tech stuff. That being said, Forza 3 can still be called one of the best and right now, it is the best.

Greywulf3676d ago

Does F3 have plain VS online modes, so you can race friends? - I hear its only Matchmaking.

Does the online mode have rubberbanding(like GT)..

I've asked this a few times but people think its trolling. I'm curious... work took delivery on a fantec wheel.. Might pick it up.

Pennywise3676d ago

Sev, do yourself a favor and reevaluate. Kigmal on your staff? Please gather whatever dignity you have left....

Playstationlifestyle was cool because it had your passion for a product behind it. Now you have XBLS with KIGMALOL writing for you? Please... Don't sell out. Oops, too late.

Chubear3676d ago (Edited 3676d ago )

I Don't know what the hell you're talking about. Forza is not a sim racer so what's it got to do with comparing it to GT5? If anyone actually thinks Forza is a driving sim racer then it's likely you don't really experience racing sims.

Fooling the gaming community by telling them this is a perfect or near perfect racing sim game experience is very low standards indeed and a flat out lie.

Immigrant3676d ago

ps3 fan turd is upset that the creator of playstationlifestyle has made an xbox site

u feel betrayed?

Pennywise3676d ago

I am upset a glitch fest got a 5/5. I am upset that Kigmal(ol) is a writer for XBLS. I don't care what people do as long as they hold on to a thread of integrity.

SnuggleBandit3676d ago

well the review was a good one, not fanboyish, and it is one of the better games on the 360. He even says gt is better, what more can you ask from a 360 owner? And they don't do half points, and this game is more deserving of a 10/10 than an 8/10

bjornbear3676d ago (Edited 3676d ago )

Yeah whats sad is we will see a head to head when GT5 comes out, and it'll be completely unfair (Forza 3 will have been out for 5 months) and similar to those pathetic GT5 Prologue vs Forza 3 comparisons =/

Honestly I'm glad Forza 3 came out now, so both games can have enough breathing and growing space =)

@ Penny

come on man, give it a break, Its an article on Forza 3, on the site Xbox Lifestyle, and Forza 3 IS a good game (got chance t give it a go). Trolling has it's time and place.

beardpapa3676d ago

"Yeah whats sad is we will see a head to head when GT5 comes out, and it'll be completely unfair (Forza 3 will have been out for 5 months) and similar to those pathetic GT5 Prologue vs Forza 3 comparisons =/ "

It's funny you say that, because we all know we'll be seeing tons of those "GT5 looks better because it's had 5 years of development" crap when really it's an evolution of the GT5p engine and GT5p was out few years ago.

Elven63676d ago

Pennywise: I remember seeing XboxLifeStyle in 2008, it seems to have gone dead for a while but was relaunched a few months ago.

Forza 3 is a great game, why are you getting so defensive over nothing? Have you even played Forza 3? Do you own an Xbox 360?

NegativeCreepWA3676d ago

Grey, the matchmaking has a party feature like COD or Uncharted so you search for matches with your friends and you can also host private matches. How could you actually think you cant play with your friends, it isn't GTP.

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Pennywise3676d ago

Geez, WHERE is the integrity? How can a game with pages of youtube videos showing glitches get a perfect score?


Come on, Really?

Mr_Bun3676d ago

I actually found the article didn't reflect a 5/ would think for a perfect score, the reviewer would have sounded more....'thrilled' or something.

I'm more disturbed by Kigmal praising a PS3 exclusive....what up with that?

Bnet3433676d ago (Edited 3676d ago )

Xbox Lifestyle doesn't base off reviews on glitches on YouTube. Every game has glitches if you find them, we never ran into them. We go by what we've played.

I don't know what you're getting at Mr Bun, I been having a PS3 and I'm not a fanboy. I just don't talk about PS3 games because this website is mostly PS3 dominated users. There's no need for me to praise PS3 games when others are doing it.

Pennywise3676d ago

Oh lord... Kigmal is on the XBLS staff? JOKEEEEE. For fanboys, by fanboys.

Kigmal, I don't care if you own a PS3. I know your posts, I know your history. Don't even try it. Maybe someone else will wear blinders, but I see through it.

You obviously didn't play enough.

“forza 3 glitches” results 1 - 20 of about 249
All Channels Playlists Sort by: Relevance

Immigrant3676d ago

dont let the haters get to u kigmal
they are a sorry bunch

do your thing, i would love to see any of you write an article

i know i would laugh at some of you
well written kigmal

eff the haters, they need to get a life. there are way more important things in life.

iamgoatman3676d ago

“Uncharted 2 glitches” results 1 - 20 of about 641
All Channels Playlists Sort by: Relevance

I could keep searching, replacing the title each time until the cows came home, and still get hundreds of results.

What would that prove? NOT A DAMN THING.

Sev3676d ago (Edited 3676d ago )

Fact: Forza 3 is a great game. It's no Gran Turismo, but it's still the best racer on the Xbox 360.

Fact: Kigmal has been perfectly respectful and civil, even while being insulted by you, Pennywise.

Fact: Integrity, and passion is what I am all about. I've got PlayStation fans on PSLS, and Xbox fans on XBLS. I do NOT have fanboys on either. If they were fanboys they wouldn't be working for me.

Fact: No game is perfect. 5/5 is not perfect. 5 of 5 from PSLS or XBLS means it's a "MUST BUY" for that particular console. Near perfect games get 5/5 with an Editor's Choice attached to it. Uncharted 2 is a good example, as with LittleBigPlanet for PSP (review goes live tomorrow morning)

Fact: Pennywise, I've always been respectful to you, I expect the same from you. And I would hope that respect extends to my staff whom I back 110%. If any of my staff members do anything underhanded or despicable, they wont be on my staff long. Kigmal has done nothing at all wrong here, in fact he handled himself very professionally, even while being attacked.

So far it looks more like you just dislike Kigmal, Forza, and the Xbox 360. However I don't jump to conclusions, especially since we've spoken in the past and I know you are better than that. Hopefully, Pennywise, you just had a bad day, and a lapse in judgement. Because this outburst isn't at all like you, and it certainly wasn't deserved.

This is how we scale reviews:

Editor's Choice - Near Perfection, Everything you'd want in a game.
5 - Must own for that console. Even if you aren't a fan of the genre.
4 - Great game, must buy if you like the genre.
3 - Good game, not a must buy, but worth picking up if you like the genre.
2 - Poor game, don't purchase, better off renting.
1 - Don't even bother renting, don't waste your time playing it.

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Aquarius3676d ago

The people at M$ are a bunch of idiots. They decide to release FLAWZA 3 right next MW2 when they know that FPS' are more attractive for 360 owners.


englandsbest3163676d ago

I have reached level 39 in Forza 3 and STILL not hired a driver even once.

Thats how good it is, With Forza 2 i had hired a driver by the time i reached level 18, i simply got bored of forza 2 and would give it 3 out of 5 stars, Forza 3 on the other hand is PURE CLASS, the better cars in the game handle like a dream and the courses are stunning.

Forza 3 for me............ 5 out of 5 stars

kingpukka3676d ago (Edited 3676d ago )

Forza Motorsport 3 SUCKS

komp3676d ago

Another site shows how out of touch it is with the general concensus.

Elven63676d ago

The general consensus is that Forza 3 is a great game, it is selling pretty well, reviews have been positive from both press and consumers, and the game has a what 93 on Metacritic?

I guess they are out of touch...with the PS3 fanboy consensus.

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