The Addictive Properties Of World of Warcraft And The Road To Recovery

DualShockers writes,

"The average game can capture our interest and keep it for a certain amount of time, but usually games don't keep us from doing what is necessary to our everyday lives. However, it seems that MMORPGs have the ability to pull players in and keep them. While some people are able to play casually, you see a fair amount of people who play, what seems like, all day every day. The biggest offender in this category is World of Warcraft. While this isn't new information, the bigger question is why do people get addicted to the game and what ways can we regain a normal life after quitting."

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iiprotocolii3678d ago

Very nice article. WoW is definitely an addicting game. The fact that Blizzard is always adding new content is what keeps players/fans engaged. That's why it's pretty difficult to remove them from their thrown.

iiprotocolii3678d ago

A lot of other MMOs have made their way to the PC. None, however, has grasped players like WoW has. I wonder what it is that makes people so attracted to WoW when compared to other MMOs out there.

Chadness3678d ago

PRobably it's accessability. It appeals to just about every type of gamer out there, from the extreme hardcore to the most casual. No other MMOs have ever done that, no matter how hard they try. I have a feeling Blizzard will hold the top spot for quite a while to come.

Chadness3678d ago

I've been WoW free for about six months now, and I intend to stay that way. ;)

Ninferno3678d ago

MMORPGs are so tough to stay away from, i was once a victim.

JoelT3678d ago

Tear up families and friendship. There should be WoW intervention!

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The story is too old to be commented.