Square Enix Innovates By Competing With Itself writes, "CEO and President of Square Enix, Yoichi Wada, gave the first keynote at the Montreal International Game Summit Monday morning, speaking about fostering cultural diversity in game development. According to Wada-san, Square Enix actively competes with itself, as in, Square Enix's internal studios challenge one another on-goingly."

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jammers3681d ago

How much competition is there really between the Japanese studios and Eidos in NA? I mean it's pretty separate games to be competing with themselves over.

Kyll3681d ago

goooood question xD. Batman vs. Cloud!

Syronicus3681d ago

Yeah, and I might have become a better ball player if I only spent more time competing with myself. Sorry, but this is one of the worst ideas ever. Corporations do not get better by competing with their own inner companies and should never consider that healthy growth in innovation to do so.

jakethemuss3681d ago

but most of the time it is just self destructive as the units work to hinder one another rather than help one another, ala sony with ND and gurilla games etc they help one another.

3681d ago
pixelsword3681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

It can't be much; PS3's home showed footage of FFXIII in their movie theaters and it didn't look all that impressive or innovative from any of their last FF games.

Nihilism3681d ago

I don't care how much of a SE fan you are, they do not F-ing innovate, they have pumped out spin offs and ps1 to DS ports for the last 6 years. They have they ruined FF13 with it going multiplat, they don't have a lot of cards left. They used to be the kings of RPG's, now I wouldn't even rate them in the top 10 RPG developers

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Godmars2903681d ago

And they lost. As did we.

mephman3681d ago

I don't know, I think Enix games have continued how they were, it's Square's that aren't maintaining the standard.

koehler833681d ago

Enix has a highly overrated pedigree. Outside of Dragon Quest, they've never done much. Robotrek? Paladin's Quest? A list of unmemorable titles.

Squaresoft held the golden standard. It seems they kept it that way by holding themselves above Enix as their only major competitor in the JRPG arena. Once that competition was gone, so was the quality. Disney was able to hold them to that standard with Kingdom Hearts, but even that is waning.

Godmars2903681d ago

Valkyrie Profile? Robotic Dandy? Enix did tons of experimental stuff that earned them a small cult following. Squaresoft too for that mater. But now that they've joined all they're focused on nowadays is milking their moneymakers dry.

raztad3681d ago

I'm yet to see something of the caliber of VC or DS coming from SE. I dont see what innovation is SE talking about. Their best recent rpg was FFVII:CC and thats it. Level 5 made DQIX for DS.

kaveti66163681d ago (Edited 3681d ago )

I don't think you should be comparing games of this generation to the legends of years past. As great as VC and DS are, the nostalgia of Squaresoft games and Enix games makes them worthy of remembrance.

Perkel3681d ago

Square ENIX = innovation ? i lol so hard that i almos sh*t myself

Square soft was innovative not ENIX,

After buying square soft they hardly done something diffrent from ENIX side.. Where is next VAlkyria Profile ? HMM ?

this gen is THE WORST time for SQUARE-ENIX, They haven't released any single their own ip for ps3 and their games for x360 are hardly breathtaking as SQUARE "new" ip's. They only rerelease old games.

Final Fantasy X-2 was a flop , Final FAntasy XII also was a flop, and next FF in US and EU won't have NU main ong theme but some POP (GOD HELP US) MUSIC. What's NEXT ? BRitney spears ? nono 50 cent lol.

Who is the main reason of this state, who want to westernize their games ?

WADA ! uhh

Hmm Wada you like money yes ? So why can't you make new part of Chrono XXXXXX ? It's like FF

seriously Publishers like SE, Activision, Blizzard should have problems with money and fan loyalty.

Electronic Arts got their lesson and they shine now

Eric Cartman3681d ago

Soon after Wada got in control the company's overall quality started to deteriorate.

I still don't know how Enix was considered a gaming company. They created a few Dragon Quest titles and then outsourced the franchise to other developers. All Dragon Quest titles prior to 8 looked alike and were stuck in the NES era quality. Level 5 changed that, but that's hardly a feat for Enix.

SE sucks really bad and I don't think I have had any sort of anticipation for any SE title since FFX, which was a Square game.

As far as competing with yourself goes, you'd do that only when you're on top and you have no competitor to beat, or when you want to go your own way and differentiate yourself from the rest. I don't think SE fits either description.

DrRobotnik3681d ago


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