Blu-Ray and HD DVD: The Facts

Why should you care about HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc? The simple answer is that these two optical disc formats are the best sources of top-quality, high-definition video currently on the market.

How much better than DVD?
High-definition video (usually abbreviated to hi-def, or HD) represents the crème de la crème of visual entertainment in the home. Where standard-definition sources such as DVD deliver their images at a resolution of 720x576 pixels (or 720x480 pixels in the US and Japan), HD resolutions can reach the giddy heights of 1,920x1,080 pixels -- which means they contain roughly four times the amount of detail. HD video also tends to be better encoded and less compressed than standard-definition pictures, which makes colours brighter and artefacts such as noise less visible.

The PlayStation effect
PlayStation 3 has also done wonders for the Blu-ray cause. Prior to its launch in March 2007, HD DVD players had been significantly cheaper than their Blu-ray equivalents. The £425 PS3 changed this, and the fact that it's also a games console makes it a significant Trojan Horse for getting Blu-ray players into living rooms -- you buy it for games but end up using it to watch HD movies too. Or at least that's Sony's hope.

HD DVD hardware is the cheaper of the two, with Microsoft's add-on drive for the Xbox 360 available for a mere £130. You will, however, need a £280 console to plug it into, and it doesn't support lossless surround sound at the moment, so it's not the best option available.

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KoolMan4744d ago

I mean does it really matters who wins,,, unless prices go down after this fight i got no interest on who wins even tho i own a ps3, i got it for the game no a bd player

flipflop4744d ago

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nobizlikesnowbiz4744d ago

this isnt news but rather a rehashing of the same thing we've been reading for months.

eLiNeS_NIGGER4744d ago

Yawn, Give me casino royal on blu-ray anyday.

clownfacemcgee4744d ago

Both formats can simply so-exist. If both formats exist, it simply means that movies will be released on either format, or both. It's possible to make a player that can play both HD-DVD and Blu-Ray, probably even in the same disc drive.

I think the Blu-Ray camp is hoping a win, and the HD-DVD camp is hoping for a tie. Sony hasn't lost on any format before, and NO beta was not a loss, because they were and are still being professionally used for video recording and the digital HD formats are used by many news networks today.

Sony is just really smart in my opinion and knows what to do. All corporations are smart, but Sony has a really great track record. PS3 hasn't lost and PSP hasn't lost and Blu-Ray hasn't lost. UMD is the one I think hasn't done so well, but will shape up if they choose to bundle it with DVD's or BD's. *hint to Sony*

calderra4744d ago

"Sony hasn't lost on any format before, and NO beta was not a loss"
Then explain MiniDisc, and (Good Lord, I'm not even going here).

Sony has never WON on a format before, unless you want to count basic DVD.

alsef074744d ago

"Sony hasn't lost on any format before, and NO beta was not a loss"
Beta was not a lost, WTF??? UMD isnt doing well, no it ISN, it did horrible, dude stop smoking whatever u r and wake up, BETAMAX was a lost, and UMD not just didnt do well, it did horrible, go to gamestop, i can get them for 4..\99 each. BETAMAX was a total failure, because sony wanted the best "resolution" when in the vhs you could turn it down to have more space, sony always does what they "think" its the best, but the reality is that sony forgets that what they think its the "best" doesnt appeal to the masses, so they fail, like the BETAMAX. So stop being mrs.nice mommy and look at reality.

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The story is too old to be commented.