Yoichi Wada Ensures Final Fantasy Will Not Get Exhausted

Final Fantasy Union writes, "In a keynote at the Montreal International Game Summit, Yoichi Wada, CEO and President of Square Enix, spoke to the possibility of Final Fantasy IP being exhausted, specifically Final Fantasy XIII's compilation Fabula Nova Crystallis, and how Square Enix keep the Final Fantasy series as a whole from becoming exhausted."

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Kyll3672d ago

Can't say I have ever felt tired of Final Fantasy.

Selyah3672d ago

Hehe nah me neither, there's usually a long enough gap too.

Noct3671d ago

*Watches VersusXIII trailer*

*Watches XIII trailer*

This **** never gets old!

mephman3671d ago

Not the main series, but some of the spin-offs are getting a bit tiresome.

Selyah3671d ago

Yeah i do agree, that there have been a few... not to mention remakes as well.

iamtehpwn3671d ago

The only thing the games have in common from one another are golden birds and a guy Cid.


Can't wait for what's next Final Fantasy is the only thing Square has been doing right lately.

Noctis Aftermath3671d ago

FF13 is just something to hold me off till Versus 13 comes out in 2011...


The Great Melon3671d ago

@Noctis Aftermath and Noct

Your names give everything away. I too can't wait for FFvXIII. I have been eagerly waiting for that game ever since the first trailer. The darker setting has really grabbed my attention.

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jammers3672d ago

Agreed, the stories are almost always engrossing enough to keep things fresh. I'm a little curious about versus but who knows so far?

Kyll3672d ago

Yeah, the backstory of Final Fantasy XIII Fabula Nova Crystallis is supposed to be themes and a history of gods or something, should be interesting!

NateNater3672d ago

So Square will never stop making FF games. Never.

Therefore, I'm going to start the rumor of a FFVII remake again!

mephman3671d ago

It looks like those jokes about Final Fantasy LXVII weren't far from the mark. :p

catguykyou3671d ago

Hey you guys, I heard from a reliable source there is gonna be a FFVII remake!

ShawnCollier3671d ago


I do wonder how many more FNC games there will be, though.

Kyll3671d ago

I'm betting on three more.

If you think about it, they reset the IP with every new numbered title, it's not like they really wear out a certain backstory even if they could. FFVII is tricky, as they're not necessarily overusing its back story, but adding to it constantly, and it's a bit hit and miss. So sure a great back story can hold up an IP for decades, but if what you add to the back story is hit-and-miss, it sullies further adaptions of that IP.


jammers3671d ago

In essence each new Final Fantasy is kind of a mini IP on it's own since the story changes pretty much every time. With the exception of sequels like X2 or Crisis Core.

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Kurisu3672d ago

Final Fantasy XIII
Final Fantasy Agito XIII
Final Fantasy Versus XIII

^ Umm, what?! xD I'm looking forward to every one of those titles, and I'm sure Square can deliver!

mephman3671d ago

Yea, it's a bit of an odd statement.

Kyll3671d ago

Dunno, Mario IP is used to death, and it's not a bad thing more or less xD.

Noctis Aftermath3671d ago

well seeing how they haven't released a numbered FF in like 5 years, i think them releasing 4* over the next 2 years is fine and not overusing the IP.

*FF13,FFVersus13,FF13Agito,FF 14.

jammers3671d ago

That's true. If mario has had such huge success with similar games for so long, the FF series is sure to last at least another 20 years the way it's going.

mephman3671d ago

Yea, I can't see Mario stopping any time soon either.

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