Video – The first 11 minutes of Assassin's Creed II

VG247: Retail Assassin's Creed II code just turned up. We've just grabbed the first 11 minutes of play for you. Watch it after the break.

Take heed: this is a massive spoiler. Seriously. Don't say we didn't warn you.

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must .................. not .......

just a few more hours....................... hold.............on !!!

Karlnag33676d ago

I half want to watch but I MUSTN'T!!! You can't make me. It'll arrive in like 2 days, hopefully (I live in the UK... 2 days will still be early though ;D).

ColossusReaver3676d ago (Edited 3676d ago )

so I watched it, and I won't spoil anything for people who don't want it spoiled, but is it just me or do the quality of the writing in the Desmond parts of both games pale significantly in comparison to the ancestor parts? Seriously, using AC1 as an example, I like the Desmond parts a bit but I personally hate Desmond's character, mainly because he seems to be so clueless all the time. He never draws any conclusions for himself whereas the player is constantly drawing conslusions and not asking stupid questions. It really ruins the relation between player and main character. But luckily enough, the ancestor parts have excellent writing (using Altair for an example) there are some really great parts in the dialogue, as well as some genuine plot twists. I really hope that AC2 improves the Desmond parts but I don't see that happening.

oh, [spoiler warning]

why did they make Lucy look like she's had plastic surgery done? seriously, it's not attractive at all and it looks like her lips take up half her face, seriously, it's like she's had a Joker-oscopy

CryWolf3676d ago

After seeing that I can't wait for Assassin Creed 2 now.

Mr Tretton3676d ago

Is the voice of the guy the same guy that does the voice for Nathan Drake? Because it sure sounds like him.

Seems like they are trying to make this character funny and witty like Drake too.

Lucreto3676d ago

Yes it is Nolan North doing Desmond. He did AC1 just before he hit the big time.

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