Modern Warfare 2 patch 1.04 is now live

PS3-Sense writes "The new patch for Modern Warfare 2, version 1.04, is now live and ready for download. What it adds or fixes is not know yet, we will keep you updated"

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TheHater4192d ago

the game is not even release a week and this is like the 3rd patch already? How the @#$% did this game get pass QA with all those problems online?

Syronicus4192d ago (Edited 4192d ago )

It's just nice to see that they have all the bugs worked out in a matter of a single week. Kudos to IW for working hard to make it all right, right away.

Roper3164192d ago


it is called a beta and it can be as big as you like it to be. It should have had a 2 week closed beta & 2 weeks open beta.

WenisWagon4192d ago

Xbox 360 is still on the perfect version 1.00, no patches necessary.

Apocwhen4192d ago

Wow, people hating on IW for fixing problems promptly now too. FYI, KZ2 had just as many patches in it's first few weeks too. Nothing wrong with the devs wanting to fix issues that arise with online multiplayer.

mal_tez924192d ago

Is the same thing Cod 4 needed. An option to only play with other players who are from your region. This is a huge problem for australians as we generally have slow internet compared to the rest of the world, and playing on a server with a host from the US is so laggy that it's just unplayable. My win/loss ratio has been totally ruined because I've had to quit so many unplayable lag games.

The current way around this is to add every Australian I see to my friends list and have a game with all aussies so there is no lag. But this method is slow and unreliable.

FIX THE MATCHMAKING! - Make it find local games, not laggy games!

kingdavid4192d ago (Edited 4192d ago )

I assume you mean the local search feature in cod waw? If so I agree.

Vortex3D4192d ago

It's because gamers "can't wait" to play it. It's why this gen, almost every games require multiple patches.

As long gamers keep this "can't wait" attitude wanting to play games quickly, games will continue to ship broken with nasty bugs. To the publishers, why ensure the game is mostly bugs free if gamers are will to throw $60 or more at it? Make the money first and fix later is the best model coming to gaming market.

If you don't agree on buying games with so many bugs and multiple patches immediately, then wait. I stopped buy any game immediately because I refusing to spoil the experience with broken games. Wait a few weeks before buying the games, and they are much better experience after most bugs have been fixed.

Sarcasm4192d ago (Edited 4191d ago )

"You can never truly test what 150,000 users online will do to your servers"

The highest I've seen so far is 600,000 online at once. A record for a PSN. Although XBL surpasses 1 million easily.

ctfkev4191d ago

my ps3 copy has been freezing since the latest update. 1.04. froze twice tonight already, is it just me, or anybody else here?

vhero4191d ago

pointless article? "What it adds or fixes is not know yet" Then why post?!?!?!

IaMs124191d ago

They are not bashing the devs for fixing them its just the fact that it shipped and problems are already present that should and could have been avoided. Why would you want to ship a game that has problems? Look at Gears2 i see everyone bashing them for their problems about not polishing it enough. I see EPIC putting out 4 title updates for Gears 2 and it gets nothing but bashing because its "Broken" Whats the difference between the 2 then? Doesnt matter WHO made the game.

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Socomer 19794192d ago

they underestimated the ps3 boom and how thier servers would hold up.
luckily they have the experience to update it quickly. these pathches are proving to ps3 gamers that infinity ward got thier backs.

TheBrit4192d ago

It doesn't show they have their backs at all. They have released 3 patches because they know they need to get it fixed from a business point of view, for now and future releases.

It's got nothing to do with 'having their backs'

Glad I bought the xbox version instead of the PS3 version that's for sure.

BlackTar1874192d ago

I have both version i have to to say that this just shows how BS IW for ps3 but ive been playing on the 360 alot with some issues but none worth noting and i love it. Party chat FTW

Syronicus4192d ago

than having to pay for online gaming every year. Two years from now, your copy of the 360 Modern Warfare 2 will have cost you 160 bucks... Mine will have cost me 60 bucks. Well, 45 since I bought it from Gamefly, but that's another story.

divideby04192d ago

Party chat...LOL....keep clinging to the single item which Live users have to mention cause its all they got for the 50 bucks, I USED TO PAY FOR..
no testing = buggy game = crappy part on the developer = all that needs to be said..

IaMs124191d ago

Wow disagrees for people who say they chose the 360 version over the PS3, now i can GUARENTEE That if this was the 360 version we would never see the light of say again with all the rampaging the sony freaks would be doing. They would partying saying "SO this is what you pay $50 dollars a year for!" GRTFU and play your damn games, if you have soo many BEST games to play, you wouldnt be on here on the time, i dont see any 360 people so i guess thats means they are actually enjoying the games and not just talking the talk and not walking the walk. Actions speak louder then words and PS3 boys well your all words on here

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borgome4192d ago (Edited 4192d ago )

Ahhhhhhh, xbox live, lag free, is the place to be, won't you come play with me?

gamertag - tbagginalldaylong

THE-BODY-BAG-MAN4192d ago (Edited 4192d ago )

18 play o and free of charge for me and the kids
with diffrent tags
wow thats 90 saving maybe i will buy an xbox with the saving
o and when the uk plays america it aint lag free on the xbox
on the ps3 its not so much of a problem
24 game wins on the run today

HDgamer4192d ago

If only I can play a 60 player game on a huge map thats about 1.5 miles.

LeonSKennedy4Life4192d ago

LAG free on Live?

Yeah, right!

ceedubya94192d ago

Oh, Live has its share of lag from time to time. I don't know of any service that doesn't.

Fiona4192d ago

hmmm, im pretty sure i had play with lag on live. I dont know how ppl say its lag free.

Syronicus4192d ago

Both versions of the game are P2P so lag is not escaping either copy. I play the PS3 version and have had a few matches where it lagged but the host migration cleared that up and the game continued right along. No biggie.

StanLee4192d ago

Host migration doesn't affect lag. Those games still end with connection errors. Host migration is only if the host leaves. If the game has a bad connection to the host, the game ends with a connection error.

Syronicus4192d ago

If the host quits or he/she lags out. In other words, if the host is no longer available to host then the game migrates the hosting to another player with the best connection. I have continued through many matches after the host migration process so it works for me. Not sure about everybody else but I can speak for my own experiences.

peeps4192d ago

yeh live not having lag is a stupid statement lol i mean it's p2p so it depends entirely on the host of the room.

i've had my fair share of horrible hosts on ps3 but so too has my housemate on xbox live... wanna know why... cus it's p2p!!! so unless the average internet speed is higher of 1 set of console users theres shouldn't be any difference

mal_tez924192d ago

Zero lag at all!

Resistance 2 ran ultra-smooth with 60 players due to its dedicated servers. Killzone 2 didn't have dedicated servers but made it so you chose games from your own region, another efficient method of eliminating lag that Call of Duty should employ.

NeoSprtacus4192d ago

I've got to say my only experience on the PS3 has been lag free, only issue is a host migration but 5-10 seconds of lag for everybody = no difference whatsoever.

Besides, I hate playing with people with names like "theTBagger," "tBagYoMama," etc. Makes me feel like I'm surrounded by those of lesser intelligence.

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pete27114192d ago (Edited 4192d ago )

Is it not new playlists?

I thought it was new playlists, In which case wouldn't be so bad.

Syronicus4192d ago

Then you get lucky and find little lag. However, if you have anybody as the host with a poor NAT then you end up with lag. Typically the game swaps out the host though in a match or two and then the lobby can be smooth sailing for a while.