TimeGate to Unveil Three Titles in 2007

IGN reports that today TimeGate Studios, developer of F.E.A.R. Extraction Point and the real-time strategy game Axis & Allies, announced it will unveil three new titles in 2007. The studio is expanding its development teams in preparation for a push to raise its profile in the industry.

The news comes alongside TimeGate's announcement that it has partnered with PR firm Evolve to get the word out about its upcoming titles.

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ErcsYou4577d ago

this isnt news!! a anouncement about a upcoming announcement .time gate working on three games but not say anything about them. isnt every game developer working on new games, if they are not then they are probably going out of buisness. come on n4g, hook us users up with a BS filter.. even the comments from the source feel the same way...

Charlie26884577d ago

I hope the upcoming games arent as unfinished as hell as FEAR EP was...some parts were almost unplayable (some people couldnt even get it running)...needed like 5 patches or something...which the game like NEVER had...

G_CodeMonkey4577d ago

That would kill!!!!! Imagine the sweet multiplayer via XBL -- I'd buy it in a heartbeat, as ALL other 360 owners (don't lie--you know you would). gCM