PSP 3.50 firmware already decrypted

Chameleon over on the DCEmu forums is reporting that he has already decrypted the just released 3.50 firmware. He notes that it probably won't be too long until an open edition custom firmware is released...

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gta_cb4278d ago

just like i said this morning when i read the news of the 3.50 being released, it wont take to long until Dark_Alex releases a custom fw prob gonna be called 3.50 OE-A

gta_cb4277d ago

yeh, but you have to understand that they have been hacking PSPs for a long time, so they have got use to them and the coding etc.

THWIP4278d ago

With Linux and a non-proprietary HDD onboard, there's really nothing to keep hackers from doing what they want to the PS3 ; great for hackers...bad for Sony. :o

SmokeyMcBear4278d ago

uh... little quick to flame there buddy, this is the PSP firmware, not the PS3 firmware. In case you don't have one or know about it, the PSP has been hacked and hacked somemore, allowing for a thriving homebrew community. As far as I know, hackers havent gotten anything on the ps3 to run at the kernal level.

THWIP4278d ago

1.) Oops.... my eyes merged the PSP and 3.5 together I guess, and thought they saw "PS3". ??? :o

2.) I wasn't "flaming"....merely stating facts.

3.) Regardless, what I stated is still true, and will be more so, when the PS3 IS hacked. :p