Valve: L4D2 boycott was a 'fight inside the family'

Reflecting on the boycott to in a recent interview, Valve writer Chet Faliszek said the press "wanted to make it an us versus them".

"But it was more like a fight inside the family," he said. "We have 3.5 million people playing Left 4 Dead 1. 40,000 said something. They are passionate about our games. They play our games. So we always take the feedback seriously, because we're gamers as well, and these are people who are playing our games and will probably play our games with us. So we always want to make sure we're listening and understanding the issues."

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interrergator3675d ago

half life episode 3 or a third game kuz i wana know wat happens

Tehdaza3675d ago

Episode 3's been in the works for 2 years now. Valve's a company of 250 people and only 60 of which were on the L4D2 team. Another 20 are working on TF2, and another 20 or so run Steam.

So that leaves 150 people for the Episode 3 team and Portal 2 team and whatever unannounced project(s) Valve has going. It's not like they put off the development of Episode 3 for Left 4 Dead.

OpenGL3675d ago (Edited 3675d ago )

A Left 4 Dead 2 sequel was not needed after only 1 year, but if people buy the game and enjoy it, that's their business. I'll just wait for Episode 3 releases sometime in 2010. Also, the people developing Left 4 Dead 2 for the last year could have been put on other teams to speed up the development of Episode 3, or other titles in the works.

darthv723675d ago

Seeing a sequel a year after the first is a bit soon. On the flip side, I only wish sequels were as fast to make. There are several games and movies that have sequels coming but are taking so damn long.

You want to play/see what happens next but you dont want them to rush it and ruin the experience. Unless both the original and the sequels are being developed at the same time (like the LotR movies) then it is a waiting game.

Half life 3 is what I am really hoping will be revealed. Not just an episode 3 but a real Half life 3. We find out the true nature of the G-man and cross the boundry of interdimensional space to the combine homeworld and defeat them once and for all.

Tehdaza3675d ago

The HL2 episodes are essentially what was supposed to be Half-Life 3. But rather than spend 6 years on one game, they spread it out, giving us a new episode every couple of years to feed our lust for all things Half-Life.

Half-Life 3 is many years off and by many, I mean like 5 at least.

HolyOrangeCows3675d ago (Edited 3675d ago )

Left 4 Dead isn't a game that lends itself to a lot of "Two steps forward" sequels. It's the sort of game that gets new maps, a couple of packs with new guns and zombies, etc.

It's a shame that you have to spend $50/$60 more to get some new maps, a couple new zombies and guns, and some new characters with not NEARLY as much personality.

lowcarb3675d ago

Stop it already with the hate mail on L4D2! It's a proper sequel with entirely new missions, weapons, characters, much better lighting and better graphics. I'm really not following what you and a few others are saying but by your logic every sequel ever created isn't worth a dang that used the same formula as before.

HolyOrangeCows3675d ago (Edited 3674d ago )

The Left 4 Dead formula is one that lends itself to being a game that should have lots of add-ons/expansion packs/etc. We aren't about to see any revolutionary, or even very evolutionary, Left 4 Dead Sequels.

What problem do you have with my scrutiny?

"Leave my favorite videogames alone!"

lowcarb3674d ago

The problem with your comment is the fact that you come off as if it's the exact same game with a few extra's and nothing more. If this were the case and the game had nothing but a few things then I could agree but the fact is it's somewhat (the same formula) but a much better game than the 1st overall. It's will be fun bottom line and anybody knocking it to be honest before it's release comes off as hateful with an agenda. You can play dumb all you want but your argument is totally uncalled for Satin.

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qwertyuiopasdfghjkl3675d ago

Demo was fun. Tons of XFire friends are getting it. So I got it too...

MW2 is another story, I will not be buying that POS.

Hisiru3675d ago

Don't feed Kotick's wallet.

kaveti66163675d ago

Vito (Valve) wanted to pass the family business on to Michael (L4D series), but Sonny (HL series) thought he deserved it because he was older, and Michael and his crew didn't really want it in the first place and they argued with Vito about it for a long time. Michael was very young, and no one thought the business should fall to him so quickly. Tom Hagen (Counter Strike) always felt like he wasn't really part of the family because he was adopted, but he always quietly did his father's bidding in the sidelines, making Vito lots of money without any trouble.

Fredo (Portal) on the other hand was too short to lead the Family and some people loved him and others hated him. Fredo thought he deserved more respect from his father, but Michael got more love.

And now, Michael is heading the business.

The End.

MK_Red3675d ago

Such great and fun comments are very rare on the net. Bubbles for you.

Back to topic, it's good to see Valve still cares about their original PC fanbase and what they say, unlike some other popular dev and their recent game...

Tehdaza3675d ago

Valve's the last developer on earth who would screw their PC gamers.

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Timesplitter143675d ago

Obviously. Just like the MW2 boycott. I swear 50% of the MW2 boycott steam group is playing MW2 right now.

What a bunch of pussies

Tehdaza3675d ago

Thing is, Valve addressed the L4D2 Boycott group and fixed pretty much every issue they had. The L4D2 boycott's pretty much non-existent now. The only reason there's still 35,000 people in that Steam group is because people forgot about it and didn't leave.

There's virtually no resistance against L4D2 right now and it releases in less that 5 hours.

Senden3675d ago

This article should be emailed to every IW member with the header "PR 101"

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