Why Microsoft's Plan to Ban Modded X-Box 360s was Poorly Planned for the Fourth Quarter

Associated Content: I was at GameStop the other day and listened to a customer's questions about Microsoft's banning of modded X-Box 360s. The worker tried to explain that this banning was for those people that hacked their X-Box 360. The customer was worried that if her child downloaded any kind of content through the X-Box 360 that this might constitute a reason for a banning for her son's system. She was confused, so she decided to purchase a PS3 instead. I was told by the manager at that GameStop that this was not an isolated incident. They had received over 50 calls that day about the banning.

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Bob Dole3675d ago (Edited 3675d ago )

Heh, so true.

RememberThe3573675d ago

Microsoft took a calculated risk. It was the right thing to do, and I hope it pays off.

DR-IVO3675d ago

sounds more of a publicity stunt for the holiday season to get sales up then anything else. I think it was perfectly planned from the geco. Ban accounts which will lead to people purchasing a whole new console. Ofcourse you wouldnt be able to seperate actual new user install base vs sales of those banned accounts but its something to take into consideration on was this just a free publicity stunt. instead of spending millions on ads and pushing it out to consumers.

3675d ago
soxfan20053675d ago (Edited 3675d ago )

"Publicity stunt to increase sales"? Hardly. Since September, the 360 has 3 big exclusives (Halo 3:ODST, Forza 3, & Left 4 Dead 2), not to mention Modern Warfare 2, possibly the biggest game release ever (which will be much bigger on 360 than PS3).

MS doesn't need stunts - they have the games to sell the systems.

Just no end to the conspiracy theories on N4G.

EDIT @ below - what's your point? Shooters or not, they are system selling games, which was exactly the point of my comment - that MS doesn't need stunts to increase sales.

beardpapa3675d ago

" Since September, the 360 has 3 big exclusives (Halo 3:ODST, Forza 3, & Left 4 Dead 2), not to mention Modern Warfare 2, possibly the biggest game release ever (which will be much bigger on 360 than PS3). "

The 3 big exclusives plus the multiplatform game that had huge sales day one. Notice that of those four games listed, three of them are shooters? And the one that isn't hasn't reached the amount of sales the other two has had despite all the hype and publicity? Oh and we all know how L4D2 is gonna do in terms of sales. I know I'm getting it.

Megatron083675d ago

rumor is they banned 600k - 1 mil 360 so think about how many of those hacker will run out and buy a new 360 now. I'd say it was a smart move not only will it increase sales but it will help clean up XBL

RememberThe3573675d ago (Edited 3675d ago )

What the hell are you talking about? Wienersoft...? Really?

Anyway, Live users are better off without cheaters and pirates. I can't believe you guys could actually turn this into a fanboy thing... Only on N4G...

Saaking3675d ago

Microsoft lies too much, it's hard to see when they're being honest. Me? I think they did it to artificially increase sales

Young Capwn3674d ago

seems logical, they ban a million befor holiday shopping season, even if one person buys another cosole they win..

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Sitdown3675d ago (Edited 3675d ago )

I am not saying this isn't true....but it definitely is a streeeeeeeeeeeeeeetch. 1.) I am shocked the the parent knows about banning, given that it just recently happened....and if they was wise enough to that, how come they were so ignorant to what caused the ban. 2.)Its interesting that a parent could go in for one console, then just up and purchase another one. Not saying that I am the norm...but I just don't easily flip from one item to another when $300 is on the line. If it was the other way around, I would be saying the exact same thing..

yippiechicken3675d ago

It could be totally true but it does sound a little fishy.

Roper3163675d ago

well it was in Yahoo news along with some other news sites that parents & grand parents do read which is how she would have known about the bans.

cereal_killa3675d ago

Sitdown your right but in terms of being a parent who knows nothing about videogames your not going to look at 1 system any different over the other your just looking at the price and when you get 2 systems the same price your going to look at reliability of the system, if one system has little to know problems and the other has the chance of banning you because you did something your not sure of to get banned you going to go with the other system irregardless.

crck3675d ago

I believe the bannings made it to more main stream sites like cnet and yahoo where there are a lot of readers who don't know much about what's going on in video games. I remember when I sold a few Wii's a couple of years ago. The buyer's honestly knew nothing. They didn't know the Wii couldn't do HD or doesn't come with a hard drive. All they knew was that it was popular from hearing it on the news or a website.

dbf3675d ago

I was thinking the exact same thing. I doubt some lady would know about the ban's yet be clueless about the cause of them, let alone 50 other incidents of it. Forgive me for not believing the author at all.

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i3eyond the Circle3675d ago

With ODST being leaked and several other hits this year I'm sure Microsft were taking pressure from developers and publishers.

Piracy wasn't near as bad last year as it is this year.

So Microsoft laying the Coup' de Grace to pirates like myself was well deserved because we had it coming.

Most people don't know what they are talking about.

Newer games had changes that made modded xbox's need a reflashing to play them.

Some xboxs with liteons and ben q's needed whole boot discs in order to play games.

First game I realized it with was Tekken 6.

The system for the modders had holes in it since then and Microsoft capitalized on their asses.

You don't plan banning people you have to first get evidence.

yippiechicken3675d ago

That sounds pretty interesting but I'm not sure what point you were trying to make. Could you expand a little more?

i3eyond the Circle3675d ago

I'm thinking somewhere in the tech and software updates. Microsoft figured out a way to pinpoint who were playing pirated games.

Because this ban wave perfectly aligns with this strange new occurrence of having to get your modded 360 reflashed.

I guess that the reflashing allowed us to play the game but there was more to it and the modders just looked over it because their goal was already completed.

Gen0ne3675d ago (Edited 3675d ago )

What's this world coming to?

ReBurn3675d ago

I'm pretty sure that Microsoft would rather lose a $300 sale than make one and lose thousands of dollars to piracy instead. The bad thing about this is that people will be asking the idiots who work at Gamestop what they should do.

But this will all blow over in a week or two and we won't hear anything about it. By Thanksgiving the only people who will be talking about it are people on websites like this.

Perkel3675d ago

What ? Are you really believe in that ?

hmm so what about this ?

I'm a pirate i bought a xbox for 300$ and i downloaded 100 of games

so for me is like - 300$ + 0& = 300$

for microsoft is like - 10-30$ income + 0$ = 10-30$

so where are you your "than make one and lose thousands of dollars to piracy instead" ?

i don't like piracy (PS3 FTW) but your logic is ill like RIAA logic.

Arnon3675d ago

Rofl wow... idiocy at its finest.

BigKev453675d ago

MS did it just in time for MW 2. Sneaky Bast**ds.

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