Modern Warfare 2 'No Russian' level historical

Activision Blizzard Inc.'s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 will make history for an inclusion of a virtual terrorist plot. The level is as jarring to the user as it is a landmark achievement in video game design.

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Nambassa3673d ago

It wasn't even that fun...

Pennywise3673d ago

Praise the almighty... bow to its greatness.

i3eyond the Circle3673d ago

It wasn't all that fun but it did make Makarov a bad ass.

I'm sure you guys can tell I love antagonists hence my previous Scolar Visari avatar and now my new Vladimir Makarov avatar!

Xi3673d ago

Sure it wasn't the most well designed, or the most fun, but it was a necessity for the progression of game design and videogames in general.

Videogames still have this 'toy' mentality to them and in my opinion we need more of this style of level to break away from this concept and move into the same realm of movies, books and art. This level is one of very few that actually makes good use of the videogame genre. In no other medium can a person undergo the same action as in that single level, you can watch it in a movie but in a videogame you're forced to do it. That sends a giant message and invokes a lot of feeling you can only get from videogames.

I congratulate IW for pushing gaming as an art and story telling device that little bit further.