Mega Man Creator Dreams of Next-Gen Mega Man

In a recent surpisingly candid interview with 1UP's James Mielke and Jeremy Parish, Mega Man creator Keiji Inafune discussed the future of the Mega Man series.

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snoop_dizzle4745d ago

is this like the 11th one?

im not trying to hate btw

flipflop4745d ago

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Eldon34744d ago

Your still an idiot no matter what name you use. For the love of God, stop spamming and get off this site. Your not wanted!

billmo4745d ago

I just dont think they should pull a sega(Sonic) and keep crushing our memories on a good game. If theyre gonna release another Megaman, they are gonna have to make a major readjustment.

socomnick4745d ago

A mega man like the 3rd person 3d one from Playstation 1 would be so awesome. I remember being able to find random objects in that game like a broom a hotdog and a vacuum cleaner and the professor would make a ion cannon out of it.

Geohound4744d ago

Megaman Legends....

argh, i wanted to strangle you right there.

It was also on the N64.

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