GoWIII Receives The Power Of Metal

PSXtreme: "I always thought Kratos could use some kick-ass heavy metal songs to augment his brutal bashfests.

First up, we've heard that Trivium has recorded an exclusive song for God of War III, which was revealed by the band's guitarist and vocalist Matt Heafy during a radio interview. On top of that, we've just learned that Dream Theater will also be jumping on board."

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Daver3674d ago (Edited 3674d ago )

I never heard about them until i go see slipknot in show. It was the 1st part and i thought it was good. I bought their cd and ive been really disappointed lol its not really good.
But in a video game its different

foxtheory3675d ago

I needs me some Dream Theater!!! :)

OtherWhiteMeat3675d ago (Edited 3675d ago )

"Die By The Sword" .......Slayer would be a perfect fit.

bunbun7773675d ago

i thought i read somewhere that they were releasing a music collection of God of War 3 inspired metal-- I wasn't sure if it was actually going to be in the game-- but hey-- i trust the masters know what they are doing!

Mr Tretton3674d ago

Trivium is pansy, wannabe garbage. (the crap song better not be in the game itself.)

Listen to Meshuggah, kids, and die happy.