PS University: God of War Collection Review

PS University writes "When Sony announced that they were going to release God of War and God of War II on a single Blu-ray disc, I was pretty excited. After all, the God of War franchise is without a doubt the greatest two releases for any series of games that made its debut on PlayStation 2. Making the franchise and series available to new adopters and owners of PlayStation 3's only made perfect sense in the long run since the majority of consoles out right now don't have backwards compatibility. The announcement also brought a flurry of support for Sony to create 2-for-1 bundles with other of their famous PlayStation 2 family like ICO and SotC. Hopefully the sales figures of this collection prove valuable enough to continue in that direction.

God of War's front man, Kratos, has always been known for his badass ability to wield chain blades and carve up anything from the Underworld. Though he's had a troubled past filled with murder, guilt, and shame, Kratos still remains a character most of us would refer to as "epic." Kratos is the perfect anti-hero not looking for glory any longer, but simply looking for a way to increase his power and a way to forget the terrible acts he has committed in the past."

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