DiamondDisc: Stone DVDs Will Last 1,000 Years

Cast your mind back, if you will, to the birth of the CD, then still called the compact disk. The CD was so tough, we were promised, that you could spread jelly on it, clean it off again and the music would still play perfectly. A miracle after easy-to-scratch vinyl. Of course, the intervening years have taught us that this was, if not a lie, then at least untrue: The CD attracts scratches like a Star Trek convention attracts single men.

The story was repeated with the DVD, where a single blemish can render an entire movie unwatchable (more than once I have rented a DVD and been forced to BitTorrent that same movie just to watch it that night). Now, again, things will be different.

The Cranberry DiamonDisc will, the claims go, last for 1000 years.

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