Pachter: Studio Closures, Cancellations, GTA Delay Loom At Take-Two

Ahead of Take-Two's June 11th Q2 earnings call, Wedbush Morgan's Michael Pachter says the publisher will announce announce studio closures, lease terminations, game cancellations, and push back Grand Theft Auto IV's release date as new management struggles to turn the company around.

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SmokeyMcBear4573d ago

aw man don't do this to me, pleae don't delay GTAIV.. i don't think i will be able to take that.

Razzy4572d ago

If R* is so worried about Halo 3 why not release it for the PS3 first and delay the 360 verion for a month. PS3 gamers shouldn't have to suffer.

CyberSentinel4573d ago (Edited 4573d ago )

"In addition, a delay of the “normal” SKU for GTA IV by two or three weeks could allow Take-Two to maximize revenues from the $89.99 Collector’s Edition of the game by shipping that SKU on October 17, and to increase overall profitability."

My Ballot: Standard is enough for me.

FreeMonk4573d ago

I've never understood why Microsoft or Sony didn't buy Take-Two when they had the chance a few months ago when they nearly went bust!

Just the exclusivness of GTA4 for that company console would have an effect on there competitors sales.

Eitherway, I'm sure Take-Two will want to get GTA4 out as quickly as possible to make some dough to keep they above water!

daomay4573d ago

Its Xbox360 fault...

shouldnt have gone

Im just kidding....

I dont mind waiting for GTA4 'cause me wife is keeping me busy trying to make baby....

stil need more games for me ps3!!!!!

socomnick4573d ago

making baby's never gets old.
I wanna try making baby's in the wrong hole but gf wont let me.

BlackIceJoe4573d ago (Edited 4573d ago )

I hate to say this but I think a delay would be good for GTA at least for me. After hearing how many games I want will be coming out around September or November. This way I can play those games then get GTA and this could also mean GTA would be even better. This would also mean I can save a little more money even if it is for a few months.

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The story is too old to be commented.