Is Final Fantasy XIII The "Most Anticipated Gaming Release of All Time"?

Gamervision writes:
"During a trailer released earlier today, Square-Enix talked up the Final Fantasy series like never before, with a huge production to announce the North American release date. Interviews with the creators, gameplay footage, and a ton of CG action build up the reveal of 3.09.10. This is huge news, since most assumed the game was still a good distance away from a North American release. However, that's not what caught my eye. At the end of the trailer, he says that Final Fantasy XIII is "Possibly the most anticipated gaming release of all time." An extremely bold thing to say for sure, but is it an overstatement?"

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-GametimeUK-4277d ago

lol No its far from it... I think the FF brand is getting a bad name for itself as people dont seem too happy with FFX-2, FF11 and FF12... If this game is not up to standards im going to find it hard to get hyped for any more FF games...

Hellsvacancy4277d ago (Edited 4277d ago )

NO NO NO NO NO and NO (in my opinion) im not even gonna buy it it looks 2 girlie 4-my likin im holdin out 4 Final Fantasy Versus

Heavy Rain is my most anticipated game at that was even b4 i saw the gameplay and b4 it was even givin a name

hay4277d ago

Agreed. Games like FF7, MGS4 or Diablo 2 were my most anticipated titles. FFXIII isn't even close after all this time and some decisions made by Square.
Versus on the other side is good candidate to be on the list as long as nothing will get f'd up along the way.

GrandDragon4276d ago (Edited 4276d ago )

Yes Indeed this Game is CERTAINLY the most anticipated game for me ever since I purchased the 60GB PS3 back when it launched.

I had just managed to complete FF9 and 12 and now I AM SOOO SUPER EXCITED for the Gameplay walktroughs until I buy my self a copy in March of 2010!

@ Hellsvacancy

Are you kidding?! Heavy Rain has got to be the most dreariest piece of $hit I have ever witnesses. The mood and climate of the game makes me depressed.

Whut4277d ago

So Last Week MW2 was the "Most Anticipated Gaming Release of All Time" and now It's FFXIII ?

Karsghul4276d ago (Edited 4276d ago )

keep in mind that FFXIII was announced way before CoD4 came out. sale ≠ (not equal) anticipation.

Also that they probably base their claim from Famitsu's weekly "Most anticipated game" polls.

mickaelmc4277d ago

Not even close. It's Modern Warfare 2. Duh. Why is this even a question? And it will be that way till the sequel of something else comes along in 5 years.

dorron4276d ago

No, it's not. I lost most of my interest after the game taking so long to be released.

Kurisu4276d ago (Edited 4276d ago )

Final Fantasy XIII is THE reason why I bought a PS3 on launch day. It's a major franchise which I knew I would continue to love. Games such as Little Big Planet, Uncharted and other new and exclusive PS3 IP's were / are / will continue to be BIG bonuses! Of course, everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

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