NPD: Behind the Numbers, October 2009

In Gamasutra's detailed NPD U.S. console/game sales analysis for October 2009, we examine Sony's post-PS3 price drop results and PSP Go launch, Nintendo's Wii price cut timing, and a possibly grim outlook for the rest of 2009

Earlier this, year conventional wisdom held that the videogame industry would make a dramatic turnaround in the back half of 2009. However when the NPD Group released October 2009 retail sales data last week, the dire reality of the market was plain for all to see.

In every segment of the market – hardware, software, and accessories – the revenues were down significantly, and the overall total was down 19% relative to October 2008.

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According to Anita Frazier, analyst for the NPD Group, the Xbox 360 was the dominant platform during October 2009 with hardware, software, and accessories totaling around $290 million.

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