Worthplaying: Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games Review (DS)

As far as Nintendo consoles are concerned, Mario and sports go hand in hand. The portly Italian plumber can play baseball, soccer (or football, for those outside of the U.S.), tennis, basketball and golf, and he can even drive go-karts. It seemed like he could do anything as long as his friends and some enemies went along for the ride. A few years ago, though, the powers that be decided that he wasn't big enough to handle the Summer Olympics on his own and thought that he needed some company. Enter Sonic, Sega's mascot and rival for a good part of the 1990s. Much to the surprise of some, Mario & Sonic At The Olympic Games was a fun game that proved the Mario sports formula to be invulnerable to failure because of extra stars being added to the fray.

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