Junkie Gamer Review: GTA IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony

Rockstar doing what they do best.

With the previous release of the Xbox 360 exclusive DLC for GTA IV, The Lost and the Damned Rockstar redefined what was acceptable as downloadable content. Giving players 10 hours of a campaign for not much more than what other publishers are charging for map packs. Gamers hungered for more, and Rockstar again raised the bar with The Ballad of Gay Tony, not only available as DLC, but now for the first time ever, it's also available on a standalone disc (coupled with the first DLC) where the original game disc is not required to play them. This worked out perfectly for me, as my original copy of GTA IV is on the PS3, but also it will no doubt serve to introduce many more gamers to the world of Liberty City at a knock down price.

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