Why Indies Can't Thrive On Consoles

Game Set Watch has posted an article comparing the situation that Indie game developers face and sets it against the movie industry. While the article does make sense I have to wonder now are Indie developers making it currently, obviously they're making a go of it since there are quite a few Indie developers out there, I would submit the fact that Indie developers may not be able to make it solely on consoles but with the help of PC's Indie developers are able to sustain themselves just fine.

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ITR4159d ago

The VC on the Wii will be the indi stuidos new queen.
Heck it's less then $2k for an SDK of the Wii.

calderra4159d ago

XNA for Xbox 360 is $100/year, with everything else (save the console) being free. Xbox Live Arcade has allowed quite a few "indie" fevelopers (PopCap for example) to make a massive splash.

Not to mention Sony has some similar initiatives, and the PSN store has allowed quite a few indie games to achieve success.

And that's just in terms of "bargain-bin" downloadable games!
Saying that indie development is dead is, frankly, ignorant. Is it harder for an indie dev to compete with massive titles like Halo 3 due to the production cost? Absolutely. But it's not like there's no room at all for indie products on the market, and this isn't any different from other markets like the movie industry.