The Mecca Of Videogames

Edge: John Teti thought I was nuts. He didn't say it, but I could tell: here I was, a game journo who lived just an hour away from Funspot, and I'd never been there once.

But to be fair, when I got there the first time, it didn't look like much. Funspot is a touristy-looking lakeside amusement complex by Lake Winnipesaukee. But gamers know it as Mecca. Legendary for its collection of 230-plus classic arcade games dating back to Pong, plus a pinball collection, miniature golf, candlepin bowling, battered old games of skill, and the Braggin' Dragon, where you can get fried eats and cheap pizza. The whole place smells like pizza and old carpets. It's a rambling building that goes on forever, and it's open year round, even the holidays, which is when I met Teti to talk about the game writing biz and get in a few games of Mappy.

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