Mass Effect 2: Exclusive Scientist Mordin Gameplay

This alien scientist can join your squad--if you'd like.

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Whut3676d ago

this guy will be in my party if i can put him lol.

Jsynn73676d ago

"For the love of god, take a breathe!"

Thought that was funny.

Zedux3676d ago (Edited 3676d ago )

I'm no graphics btch but I've to say this graphics look totally outdated definitely this title was developed for the 360!

Whut3676d ago

it doesnt seem outdated one bit to me. it looks better than any Game that came out in 2009 execpt for PS3 exclusives like Uncharted.

Zedux3676d ago


Killzone 2 Uncharted 2 among others came out in 2009 with that sort of graphics this game will come out in 2010 means outdated!

Whut3676d ago

Can't you read? I said except for PS3 exclusives.

Zedux3676d ago

so your car is better than all cars except for the ones which are better than yours! LOL
Can you read???!!! OUTDATED!

Whut3676d ago

Those Graphics are outdated to your Standards. Not the rest of the world.

AND based on your comment History I can Clearly see that you're a PS3 fanboy and really Biased.

Hisiru3676d ago (Edited 3676d ago )

Graphics aren't everything man. Look at the scores for Halo 3 and Killzone 2. I played Killzone 2 and it's beautiful but the campaing is not that great. Halo 3 has a perfect multiplayer and a very good campaing. Uncharted 2 is perfect (in every way possible) but come on, the graphic is not what makes this game a master piece.

Mass Effect is an excellent game, I finished it and I will play it again just to have 2 save files using different choices. You talk about "outdated graphics" for Mass Effect 2 and I can see people having fun even with Gun Smoke on the NES. Mass Effect 2 looks beautiful even if it hasn't the best graphics on the gaming industry. You are very exigent dude, you need to play games to have fun not have stunning graphics.

StanLee3676d ago

To a PS3 fanboy like Zedux, the graphics are only outdated until the game is announced for the PS3. Then PS3 fanboys will proclaim that graphics have been improved 10 fold even though it hasn't ala Bioshock.

Ausbo3676d ago

name one open-world rpg that looks better than this.

Uncharted 2 and killzone were linear games! They look amazing, but they don't have the scope that this game does.

jakethesnake3675d ago

"I'm no graphics btch but"

Translation - "I'm a graphics btch and mindless fanboy."

Hisiru3675d ago

"name one open-world rpg that looks better than this."


ThanatosDMC3675d ago (Edited 3675d ago )

I hope they fixed the gameplay so it feels more like Gears or Uncharted. It pisses me off everytime i try to hide on to some "chest-high walls" but Shepherd puts his back on it without crouching down, which gets me killed from time to time.

They got that story done right with the first and how the dialogues progressed but they need to make combat more dynamic. Also, for a War Hero Shepherd cant aim for sh!t with the sniper rifle. It was a pain to even shoot somebody from 100m+. (i chose War hero, Soldier, and the space ship born)

I hope there's a lot more mini games to get more money.

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solidt123676d ago

I like the new character he is cool. Shepard needs to slap him though to get him to slow down.

hoops3676d ago

Zedux considering you're a die hard Sony fanboy, your opinion is that of Sarah Palin. Means very little.
These graphics are some of the best for any console. Keep hating and reveal your true fanboy self. You're not a gamer. You're just a fanboy hater.

criticalkare3676d ago

Zedux "open zone" is there for reason go defend your console there...

i3eyond the Circle3676d ago

Damn and this is nothing but an upgraded Unreal Engine 2 game and looks amazing.

Glad they evened out the framerate.

I doubt the jaggies you see in this video will be in the game itself think it was just uploaded like that.

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