PS3 Now Available For Under £200

Supermarkets in the UK are continuing to hit the game's market with super low prices, Sainsbury's especially is at the head of the game, offering a PS3 for only £199.

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gaffyh3677d ago

He's talking to you Cold 2000/N4PS3G/Socomnick etc.

vhero3677d ago (Edited 3677d ago )
posted not on hotdeals so if anybody finds an alternate place to buy they will post there no doubt other stores will match as with the games. Let the price war BEGIN!
£226 for the 250GB model and £136 for wii

gaffyh3677d ago

I'd be very surprised if Amazon price matched this like they did with MW2, that would be a huge for PS3.

lalalala3677d ago

Even though I already have a PS3, this is still a very tempting price. The fact that it doesn't come with any extra crap (e.g. a crap game or a game I already have), means I could get this as a backup for my normal PS3.

gumgum993677d ago

Wow, that's awesome.

can you say Tickle me Elmo? You will when you try to get a PS3 this holiday.

gaffyh3677d ago

I'm surprised that Sainsbury's can take such a big hit on this though, I mean they are losing £50, which is a lot, and I wouldn't expect them to make it up on the rest of the groceries that people would buy when going to the supermarket.

Kurisu3677d ago (Edited 3677d ago )

£225 cheaper than when the PS3 first launched!

EDIT: Why did I get a disagree? Odd...

gaffyh3677d ago

Fanboys of course. Just another day on N4G ;)