Metal Gear Solid Coming to PSN Europe on Nov. 19

The original Metal Gear Solid will be arriving on the European PlayStation Network on November 19, according to Konami Germany.

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DasBunker3671d ago

i really dont know why is so hard to release the same content in every territory at the same time.. or atleast within the same month.. -_- poor fellow europeans..

Redempteur3671d ago

if true , some people will jump over this doubt ..

but i have already played this title to death ...

hay3671d ago

Yup, I have already three versions os MGS so I'll skip it, but there are people who missed it or want to play again.

gaffyh3671d ago

Yeah I've played the game a lot of times, but am still considering getting this now. hmmm.

It's easily the best Metal Gear Solid available imo, with MGS4 coming a close second.

Vitalogy3671d ago

don't get me wrong, and I love this title, but not gonna spent money on this. Since I have the original and played it way too many times already, and with a 60Gb model with backwards compatibility don't need another.

One thing I would buy, for sure, is a HD version of this title, a remake in high def would be freaking awsome and would sell well.

LionheartAce3671d ago

All PS3 systems can play PSone games... Anyways, it doesn't matter, look at FFVII and how much it's still selling on PSN. My PSP needs more goodness after all I sold my entire disc collection for PSone just because of this. So it's paying for itself (for me, anyways)

rawd3671d ago

Are there trophies in any of these

LionheartAce3671d ago

No, they're just PSone games.

PhilipLarkin3671d ago

Would have liked to see an HD remake, but this is still awesome

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