High-Def Titles Battle It Out

It was the battle of the high-def disc titans, and the pirates won.In the first of what observers expect will be many high-profile title showdowns, Buena Vista Home Entertainment on May 22 released the first two "Pirates of the Caribbean" movies on Blu-ray Disc, just before the third installment in the blockbuster franchise opened on the big screen.The same day, Warner Home Video released two "Matrix" collections on the rival HD DVD format.

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fenderputty4571d ago

I got 10 bucks off for buying them at the same time.

flipflop4571d ago

I just logged on to one of my other accounts to find that Virtual gamer tried to ban my umbagumba account for exposing him for the idiot he is, and this further proves his retardedness. How FN pathetic do you have to be to try to ban somone because your proven to be retarded? virtual gamer is a b!tch. You will now get it a lot worse.

sjappie4571d ago

try watching porn in HD, you'll see alot more stuff you don't want to see.

snoop_dizzle4571d ago (Edited 4571d ago )

super hi vision technology. The resolution is 16 times higher. Fortunetly that will be pretty far a way

kiera in 1080p should be fine though.

sonarus4571d ago

Am waiting for pirates 3 to come out then i'll buy all 3. I would have totally bought the matrix if it was out on blu ray though. Since WB is releasing for blu ray as well this is only a matter of time

Antan4571d ago

Matrix end of the year on Blu Ray.

solidt124571d ago

Im getting the 2nd Pirates movie today. i have te first on DVD and don't wanna buy it twice.

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The story is too old to be commented.