Modern Warfare 2 generates (Un-Official) over $600 million in revenue

Preliminary week one data is in and Modern Warfare 2 has destroyed all records, selling around 9.4 million copies across Xbox 360, PS3 and PC and generating over $600 million in revenue.

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DasBunker3680d ago (Edited 3680d ago )

and this is how you reward games that are more of the same with a new bell and half a whistle, no innovation, lack of dedicated servers, broken online at release, PR BS, etc..etc..

hey but atleast its fun right? now that they figured out they can put out w/e amount of sh*t and people will still buy it.. expect COD ODST soon in stores..

just because you like something doesnt mean they have the right to rip you off.. even if youre feeling its worth it..

iron_sheik3680d ago

wild guesswork and fake numbers = massive hits on that crap site
activision hasnt released any number regarding revenues
we just know UK numbers (57:43) split on x360:PS3 and NPD wont be releasing anything until next month

bmw693680d ago

Errr VGChartz do their OWN sales estimates, just like NPD and Chart Track etc do?

iron_sheik3680d ago (Edited 3680d ago )

vgchartz is owned by ioi - a guy who lives in manchester. he was banned by neogaf forums in 2006 i guess. No vgchartz is all about a single guy with his wild guesswork

also just look down to see the npd vs vg comparisons. vg is all guesswork and nothing else

bmw693680d ago

Manchester? NeoGAF? What are you spouting about?

VGChartz is run be a team of analysts who use various methods to estimate the latest sales trends - i.e estimates based on real sampled data, just like NPD and GFK.

Get your facts straight first!

Braineater24483680d ago

@iron_sheik It's sad how misinformed you are. Please do yourself a service a RESEARCH before you post blindly. It really makes you look like a jackass. VGChartz is a FREE service that estimates video game sales in the same way that NPD and the others do. As I said before, the difference is that they DONT CHARGE for numbers. In return, the numbers you get are less accurate. This doesn't mean they are made up. They are still generated by the same methods that NPD, GFK, etc use but with less data. If you've ever taken a Stat course, you'll know that less sample data causes less confidence when estimating about a population.

It's the difference between a Ferrari and a Volvo. Sure everyone would love to have a Ferrari over a Volvo, but we all cannot. That's not to say that a Volvo is bad car though. After all, many people drive Volvo's.

bmw693680d ago

Exactly, "made up" and "less accurate than" aren't the same thing...

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iron_sheik3680d ago

where is the activision rejoinder regarding this ?
we just knew that MW2 garnered around 130m from UK. no global or us numbers have been known as of yet

also vgchartz numbers for october

real numbers
ps3 -320k
x360 - 250k (280 on VG)
wii - 505k (640k!!! on VG)

qface643680d ago

i dunno about you guys but if these numbers are even close to true then that's just really sad

i bet if activision did start charging to play online they would make millions because everyone would still pay for it

qface643680d ago

the fact that people are willing to throw them their money without giving it a second thought

its because of this that activision has no problems releasing the same thing every single year and kotic himself has gone on to say 1 time a year isn't enough
meaning they wanna release even more
they try and jack up the price on what they sell if they have the chance

anyways im just saying no matter what they do people still eat it up and they always will