Xbox 360 Dominates Modern Warfare 2's First Week In UK

Spong: "The Xbox 360 in the UK had an astonishing time with the launch of Modern Warfare 2. We know this because the figures for the console have been released in rough form.

Just in case you missed the full chart run-down here are the bones of the matter:

- MW2 sold 1.78m units in the UK over 5 days.

- This generated £67.4million.
- "The Xbox 360 version alone has sold over 1m units".
- That generated £38.5million."

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iron_sheik3675d ago

in other parts of europe ps3 version outsold the x360 version


wait for all eu numbers before calling out the winner. Just german and dutch numbers have come out where ps3 outsold the x360 version 2:1

Nambassa3675d ago (Edited 3675d ago )

why are people even buying 360 now? It's not like they have anything new to look forward to next year...

I kid, i kid

socomnick3675d ago

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DarkMantrid3675d ago

Who gives a damn? Everybody knows 360 sells better in the UK.


ManGastaS3675d ago

so 360 57%, ps3 47% and PC what?

where did you got this numbers humm?

stop invent lies, the article only says 360 over a million! and you don't know what are the ps3 or PC numbers!

StanLee3675d ago (Edited 3675d ago )

I don't get it; gamers are sheep. You're telling me 600,000 PS3 gamers bought Modern Warfare 2 in 1 week but only a fraction of that amount bought Uncharted 2 in the entire month of October?! GTFOH!

Edit @ The Wood

So why didn't Killzone 2 sell as successfully? Anyway, it doesn't matter, the hype machine behind Modern Warfare 2 is outrageous for a mediocre campaign, tacked on Spec ops and imbalanced multiplayer. What a fcuking joke this game is.

The Wood3675d ago (Edited 3675d ago )

shooters (fps) just sell more than other genre's in general. The point is this game could be crap and it would still sell a bucketload by its name alone

@ stan

yeah, its a pity but understandable. The brandname of cod is just too big and its on its 6th game and has a huge following...killzone on the otherhand is on its 2nd and its 1st game wasnt received too well. It'll be interesting to see what Battlefield BC will do..It'll probably outsell killzone2 on the ps alone due its its fanbase and brandname also

Why o why3675d ago

you guys thumping your chests over UK only numbers is just a scaled down version of the 'NA = the world attitude' that many of you cling to. Lets just wait for activision to tell us their worldwide numbers huh. Thought you guys would of learnt by now. We all know there are more 360's than ps3 in the uk so whats so surprising about this find. Its been consistent since this gen begun...anyhow, enjoy the champagne

Pennywise3675d ago

Get the spray tan!! Socomnick is here.

NoBias3675d ago

Awww... Somebody gets dominated online :(

Stick to single player games. There you can beat up on AI and feel good about your "skills".

StanLee3675d ago (Edited 3675d ago )

Dude, my K/D is 3.54. It's impossible to suck at Modern Warfare 2. Just yesterday I was playing Domination on Afgan and I was 23 and 0 and got killed two times in a row spawning by a chopper gunner, looked at the guys score and he's fcuking 7 and 19; he got a chopper gunner in a fcuking care package. Are you fcuking kidding me?! Bunch of fcuking douches camping with the famas trying to get killstreak rewards. Anyone else realise how many team death match games reach the time limit because you just can't find anyone to kill because everyone is in a fcuking building camping waiting for you to walk by? Here's how you play Modern Warfare 2; camp, get to 4 kills, get a care package and hope for a harrier, pave low, ac130 or chopper gunner; camp some more and get to 7 kills and get a harrier strike; wait for harrier strike to get you a chopper gunner. THE END. GTFOH!

Why o why3675d ago


so true, so true

I saw my first nuke i have a toxic tag..:(

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MURKERR3675d ago (Edited 3675d ago )

a console not known just for the hardcore

iron_sheik3675d ago

considering that you have demon souls , ratchet and uncharted 2 to buy. ofcourse how can you forget uncharted 2 -highest rated game of 2009 and on next gen consoles

N4PS3G3675d ago (Edited 3675d ago )

weak excuse! The 360 had big games to buy( ODST,Forza 3,GTA:Liberty City ).
Why did all those games charted in the UK TOP 10 (except ODST-old game but still made it )even with Modern Warfare 2 at #1.

so what's whats the excuse? PS3 owners have to much games to buy? and 360 gamers don't? Then where's Demon Soul's and Ratchet?

1. Modern Warfare 2- 360- Over 1 million copies
2.Modern Warfare - PS3 - 600k
6.Forza Motorsport 3
12.GTA:Episodes of Liberty City
16.Uncharted 2

Take a look at the charts again..why is it then that ODST,Forza 3, GTA:Liberty City made the list even with Modern Warfare at #1 ? and ps3 with "soooo" many games could only get 1 game in the charts?


ps360master3675d ago (Edited 3675d ago )

you haven't played those games yet i beat and played the all 2 weeks should stop blabbing out last months games...only one im still playing is U2 online.

iceman29293675d ago

while i love my xbox to death , I feel that your logic is flawed.

With more games out, assuming that consumers are more or less indifferent to the differnt exclusives, we can assume that sales for each exclusive will be diluted.

eg. you have 5 exclusives for ps3, and 3 for 360. ignoring the difference in attach rate and install base, we will assume a number 1 million units to sell for the month per console.

1mil / 5 < 1mil/3 so following my logic, the xbox 360 exclusives should be higher in units sold as there is less competition in the market for its games.

lowcarb3675d ago

Spin it Ice man spin it lol.

WacksOnWacksOff3675d ago

@iceman2929: Good lord, man! I haven't made a single post in months, but your impressive mastery of the art of spinnage compelled me to do so now. I just had to say well spun, sir! Well spun! << stands up and delivers respectful golf clap >>

iceman29293674d ago

hahaah well i don't know about that! i mean im just callin it like i see it! and if y'all think im just being a fanboy or whatevs ill let u know my sitch! I do not own a ps3 ( hate the feel of the controller) however might buy one after xmas for blue-ray + some of the exclusives. I have around 50 games on my xbox 360 , been on xbox live for 6 years now. Like i said i love my xbox. Maybe its the economics student in me, but it seems like a simple case of supply and demand. Supply for xbox is short with a relatively large demand base. Supply for the ps3 is higher with a slightly lower demand base.

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4point7BillionLoss3675d ago

They're giving away free PS3 copies on oxford street but nobody wants them .... they only want blue ray movies of disney cartoons ....

Play Behind.


Nambassa3675d ago

They're giving away free Xbox 360 copies on Stranmillis Road but nobody wants them .... they all want the PS3 copies and only buy Xbox for Halo
Play Beyond.


See what I did there??

Remember mate, this is only the UK. Most people here have terrible taste! Lady GaGa was number 1 for weeks! WTF?!

redsquad3675d ago (Edited 3675d ago )

Yeah, because we Brits have "taste" don't we? We put THE X FACTOR and STRICTLY COME DANCING at the top of the tv charts each week and guarentee the X FACTOR winner a number one slot in the music chart at Christmas on pre-sales alone, regardless of its quality.

As such, I'm not surprised by the news that the 360 dominates here too.

Oh, and you're a simpleton, an advertisers' dream - The sort who buys things because they're 'popular', not because they're good. You are a cabbage amongst a row of cabbages and as such, I salute your mediocrity.

Nambassa3675d ago

I was in GAME the other week and i noticed something odd. In the PS3 section there were 20-30 year olds looking at the games.
In the Xbox 360 section there were a bunch of 10 year olds jumping up and down screaming 'OMG!! ODST is da bestest game evah!!'
Seriously man, they have no idea...
God, i hate my country...

6point8billionloss3675d ago (Edited 3675d ago )

Hey guys, what's going on in this thread?

Your name is funny, 4point7billionloss, but did you miss the forum post that states that MS has lost 6.8 billion on their Xbox division?

Aquarius3675d ago

4point7BillionLoss you should be ashamed of your self. You shouldn't been posting here anymore because your supporting FLOP which you don't agree with.

poopface13675d ago

I was on the internet yesterday and I saw a bunch of little kids arguing over which console was better.

Only little kids cant buy both a ps3 and a 360 because they are poor so they spend their time bashing the other one on N4G.

Greywulf3675d ago

PSgay :\ god.. they always come up with them.

3675d ago
3675d ago
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Bumpmapping3675d ago

That's what happen when you're deprived of games for the year.

Thank god for Sony :)

Nambassa3675d ago

All they look forward to each year is the next Halo cash-in from Microsoft and the next Call Of Duty.
And when Call of Duty comes out, they love to pretend that its their exclusive and that we 'ps3 owners are jealous.'

Jealous of what exactly?

Jealous that the ps3 doesn't have an install base that consists of mainly 10year olds who play the Xbox non-stop?

Seriously, they need to get lives.

ps360master3675d ago

cant wait to see all the mw2 360 bundles sold. In usa 360 sku absolutely raped the ps3 sku...domination at its finest

raztad3675d ago (Edited 3675d ago )

Delusion spotted.


I dont care about MW2 at all. Read my post bellow.

ps360master3675d ago (Edited 3675d ago )

lol i got a sticky note to remind me to send you the sales when they come out. your the delusional one if you dont think the 360 outsold the ps3 version by the mile.

you make me laugh thanks bob. ill light one up for you

people play this game for online multiplayer. like socom least cod had some kind of sngle player

Ju3675d ago

You refer to the 170k vs 100k sold last week ? Well, that includes 95k Walmart $100 discounted boxes. Not MW2 bundles.

Darrius Cole3675d ago

I was one of the people who bought the $100 Xbox from Wal-Mart. Used 20GB 360 Hard Drives cost $50 now-a-days. I bought a complete working Xbox 360 for $150. What I did not buy was any games for said Xbox 360.

Simply put, there are no games on the 360 that I want, and I don't see any on the horizon until Splinter Cell:Conviction, unless Mass Effect 2 releases first..., unless Mass Effect 2 releases around FFXIII time, as I suspect it will. Actually, I didn't say that right. I should have said there are no 360 games that released this year that I want. I'll get Virtua Fighter 5, and I may go back a play Ninja Gaiden 2 after I beat Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2. (I'm a big NG & VF fan.) But they are both 2 years old.

The point is that 2009 is/was a bad year for 360 exclusives. There is no doubt that 360 people bought Modern Warfare 2 at a higher rate than PS3 users. X360 people prefer shooters and they have fewer new good games to choose from right now. I had a PS3 first so I've got more new games than I can play. I'm still trying to find time to play Demon's Souls.

ceedubya93675d ago

(and gamer's sites in general)

People think that just because the 360 didn't have a lot of exclusive games to come out this year compared to the PS3, that 360 gamers have nothing to play. This thinking is highly flawed. Exclusive games are NOT the only games out there to buy. Third party games can be just as fun, and sell just as well if not better than exclusive games.

As a multiconsole owner myself, I can understand why you would be satisfied with your PS3. It has had lots of options as far as games are concerned. And although the 360 offerings weren't quite as huge this year, there is still plenty of good gaming to be had for people who own a 360 only. PS3 exclusives do NOT make the world go round. If so, Call of Duty games would not be ruling PS3 sales charts.

Not saying that you are one of these people, but its an Elitist attitude like that of a good chunk of PS3 fans that give PS3 GAMERS a bad name.

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