Halo 3 Multiplayer Map Names Discovered

More Halo 3 beta code mining has resulted in the finding of what looks to be the names of all of the multiplayer maps that we'll be playing in Halo 3. The 7th Columnist, with the help of a few others, discovered the map names while searching through the code for juicy Halo 3 information. There's our beta maps Valhalla, Snowbound, and High Ground listed and even recently announced maps Last Resort and Shrine. But there's others we haven't heard about like Chill, Construct and Warthog Inc that make our imaginations run wild. Full list of all twelve Halo 3 map names after the break.

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Diselage4744d ago

Oh good lord could Chill be the remake of Chill out? OH PLEASE BUNGIE SAY IT'S SO!

Mr Murda4744d ago

Pleez Pleez Pleez! That map PWNED in HaloCE.

HaloCE Map Favorites:

Hang Em' High
Chill Out

nobizlikesnowbiz4744d ago (Edited 4744d ago )

A multiplayer map in a warthog factory would be weak. Imagine fighting in an assembly line with robots n stuff welding. or jumping in one of the many available ones and waging war in a warehouse like structure....sounds pretty fun to me.

EDIT: a map editor would be absolutely DANK, but i really doubt they'll give us this. we'll see though.

AbyssGravelord4744d ago

That would be sick!!! lol I just hope that they add more maps, Im pretty sure they will I want at least 20 Maps when it ships and a Map Creator!!!

PS360PCROCKS4744d ago

12 maps is pretty good. Great start Bungie...

Jarobe4744d ago

I hope we a version of a nearly untouched lockout...

I think lockout is the best map of any game..

calderra4744d ago

Word on the street is that one of the very maps mentioned here is indeed the new Lockout. I seem to remember it being Chill.

iceice1234744d ago

Chill needs to be the remake of Sidewinder damn it!

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