Next-gen console sales healthy at HMV

All three next-generation home consoles are performing well at retailer HMV, with the PlayStation 3, Wii and Xbox 360 contributing to healthy sales at the start of the traditionally quiet summer months.

The PS3 is said to be exceeding sales targets, although the retailer expects a performance boost when Sony opts to lower the price.

Nintendo's Wii is still one of the hottest items in stores, and HMV has praised the format holder for good management during the well-publicised supply shortages.

And the Xbox 360 isn't stuttering despite having been on the market for 18 months now - with Ellis confident in Microsoft's pricing policies.

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gta_cb4156d ago

good to know as i also know the HMV was or is in trouble financually, mainly because of music downloads (including piracy)

FeralPhoenix4155d ago (Edited 4155d ago )

All 3 consoles are playing nice with each other, HMV has established peace among the rival factions and thus the world is in harmony. [cue annoying singing] -lol, nah but seriously I would like to see all 3 have a healthy share of the market, of course there will always be 1st, 2nd and 3rd but really I don't care which console is first as long as they all deliver great games.