BioWare: No nudity in Dragon Age an 'artistic choice'

The lack of nudity in the sex scenes in 18-rated fantasy role-playing game Dragon Age: Origins was "an artistic choice", developer BioWare has claimed.

"It's an artistic choice by the development team," explained BioWare co-founder and CEO Dr. Ray Muzyka to

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JsonHenry3674d ago

I wish they would have made an artistic choice not to make the game look so damn fugly!

Oh well, at least the rest of the game is fun, even if the visuals blow big donkey chunks.

Zedux3674d ago

I think it was great if you want nudity just type the damn word here

Silellak3674d ago

The game looks fantastic from an isometric perspective on the PC, which is how it was MEANT to be played. The console versions were a last-minute afterthought, and it shows.

firelogic3674d ago

They were going on and on about how realistic their game is and how it even has relationships and sex but they don't go all the way with nudity? Way to push the boundaries Bioware!

Tony P3674d ago

The game doesn't need nudity, but the nutty idea to leave them clothed didn't come off right at all. As a result, what they call a sex scene looks like anything but imo. Why didn't they just do the same as ME? DA's couplings just look forced and awkward.

ThanatosDMC3674d ago

You gotta play it on the PC with a good graphics card. It looks completely different and superior to the PS3.

pimpmaster3674d ago

i agree , the graphics in this game are horrible. the character models are pretty good though. compared to mass effect this game looks like a ps2 game.

crck3674d ago

Character models are great. Some of the best I've seen in a western developed RPG. But some of the texture work is horrid. Yes even on the PC.

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Gamer713674d ago (Edited 3674d ago )

Unlike SOME devs, BioWare doesn't NEED to put "boobies" in their games for them to sell well to their target demographic. Sony and Quantic Dream I guess feel it's necessary for God of War and Heavy Rain.

*EDIT* @ the ill-informed kid below...

NO...Mass Effect doesn't have nudity EITHER. Like I said, BioWare doesn't NEED cheap tactics to sell games to horny teenage boys. Perhaps you only watch FOX for your "news", so you're too ignorant to know any different. :o

Gun_Senshi3674d ago

just like mass effect right?

koehler833674d ago

How do you explain the 'boobies' in Dragon Age then?

Every demon in the game has her tits hanging out in clear view. I suppose if you put a pair of horns on a chicks head, the horns on her chest no longer count?

GameSpawn3674d ago

Well if people want tits they could also play God of War.

What I always found funny is that people threw a huge fuss over Grand Theft Auto's prostitutes, sex, and the infamous hot-coffee mod, but God of War, which has more tits than a Playboy party, goes completely unnoticed. I guess people blew it off because it was Greek mythology, but it still seems like people have a double standard.

Asmodeus303674d ago (Edited 3674d ago )

boobies,nudity,sex is obvious a big problem for folks in America, god I'm glad i don't live there :-)

I was born naked, In America they are born with a gun in their hand

that's the reason sex is more scary than guns.. poor people:-)

BYE3674d ago (Edited 3674d ago )

I agree.

Extremely violent scenes with Russians shooting civilians = No problem!!!

Breasts = evil. Makes you wonder how they survive as babies.

Tex1173674d ago

It doesn't really matter to me. The game has a solid story, but at times the graphics are pretty rough.

To the above guy commenting on Heavy Rain: The developer was very specific about why he included that scene in the game. He claims it is an important part of the story and of the artistic design. Since we have not played the game and how it folds into the story, then perhaps we should without judgement.

God of War? Ok well, you may have a point there.

LeonSKennedy4Life3674d ago

I'd prefer if they didn't put ANY nudity in games...

Why do I have to sit through that crap just because everyone else is a pervert?