Wii finally gets demos

LiveWii writes : "It had been announced the last month, but it is now effective : the Wii got an update this morning whom delivers the demo service. NyxQuest, My Life as a Darklord and Bit Trip Beat are the first WiiWare to be made available."

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execution173678d ago

maybe i can dust off my wii and play some games i haven't bought yet

mastiffchild3678d ago

Truly something that was WAY overdue . Bow lets see it spread to disc based titles and they'll really start helping devs on the Wii.

EvilTwin3678d ago

Agreed, mastiff. Gimme a demo of Other M and I'll be a happy camper.

ChickeyCantor3678d ago

I think you missed it, Its not that Nintendo games dont have problems selling millions, but third party developers.

MGRogue20173678d ago (Edited 3678d ago )

"That had been announced by Nintendo the month spent, it is from now on effective, Wii finally obtains demonstrations of plays following the example majority of the other supports. Then, yes, that relates to for the moment only WiiWare but the intention is more than creditable at dawn of the year 2010.

Among the playable titles in the update of this morning, one can find Bit Happy Trip, play of rate/rhythm to retro environment, NyxQuest, title of adventure a little like LostWinds and to finish small a Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life ace has Darklord, the tower defense of Square Enix.
Then, your impressions? "

lolwut? :D

TheTeam063678d ago

Did it really take this long? Wow

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